In Celebration of a River

For Creativity Challenge Day 19: Mask

In  Celebration of a River

Once wrote a poem
about a petty, minor
deity, who thought
to change the course
of a river, with pompous
sound of his own voice.

How he shouted, then
threatened, even cursed
her joyous celebration
of freedom. Threw pebbles
of words at her surface,
only to see them disappear
into her depths, where she
used them to form her bed
of ever changing reality.

How shocked he was, when
she knocked him to his knees,
rolled him in her ceaseless
currents, then swept him
into an endless sea. Washed
away his false-faced mask,
stripped him of his only
imagined royalty, then left
him alone on the shore
of a deserted, unknown island.

You might think my tale
a fantasy, a myth of unreality,
but if you go down to the river,
of an evening, lean in to whisper
his name, all you will hear
is her lapping laughter, her
constant promise that if needed,
she’ll do it all, again.

Elizabeth Crawford 12/9/2016




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2 Responses to In Celebration of a River

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    Ha, I love when that happens. You can’t rule a river. Loved this one, elizabethl


  2. constant promise that if needed,
    she’ll do it all, again.

    No fooling! One is not to antagonise others freely as some might respond with a fight-back. Let it meander along its own course!



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