To the Republican Legislators in Texas

For Creativity Challenge Day 17: ability

burning bush final

To the Republican Legislators in Texas

You may see yourselves
as well-dressed gentlemen
of power, polished, even
educated, in the ways
of a world that should rightly
respect all such abilities.

But, instead, you have shown
us the scrawny tail feathers
of your true being.

Swooping down on your V
shaped wings, you think speak
of victory, you are no more
than vultures, turkey buzzards,
swooping in to make carrion
of the most vulnerable among us.

All in service to your insatiable
hunger to express your ‘rightful’
power to feed off we ‘lesser’ others.

Under the guise of your legal
pomp and circumstances, you
have missed the lessons of how
disabilities can, with care
and careful attention, be turned
into strengths immeasurable.

And how we unwashed, ignorant
masses, still retain the power
to burn all of your refined assets.

Elizabeth Crawford 12/7/2016

Notes: After reading how the Republican Legislators of Texas have cut Medicaid funding to children with disabilities.

Image is a digital painting titled The Burning Bush




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2 Responses to To the Republican Legislators in Texas

  1. So well said. It is astonishing, that every plan by this regime is punitive . To everyone other than themselves. Sigh.


  2. What a decision-making process
    To effect change by depriving
    Worst upon an ability challenged group
    They may not even be big numbers
    Just a sprinkling in society. A pity!
    Great word-craft Elizabeth!



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