An Image

For Creativity Challenge Day 13, Imagination

autumn rainbowa

An Image

Close my eyes, watch
as they gather, one by one,
in pre-dawn mist and haze.

On shoreline and mountain
meadows, slowly breathing in
scent of fresh soil, the sea,
tall grasses, and fluttering
wild flowers.

Each one adding strength
to the next as they clasp
hands, silently turn to rising
sun, giving unified thanks
for light, warmth, and nurture.

Looking up, they begin to sing…

Elizabeth Crawford 12/3/2016

Notes: The challenge was to imagine your wish for the world, today, and then express it. I thought this was finished at the word nurture. But then I heard them start singing, a very particular song. Am curious, did you hear them singing? And what was the song?




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2 Responses to An Image

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    They are singing something beautiful,, in praise and gratitude. But the title that popped into my head was We Shall Overcome, LOL, in light of current reality. Man, we have been singing that song a long time.

    I love the scene in this poem. I want to be there.

    And I heard Cat Stevens singing, “Morning has broken, like the first morning…”
    Thanks Sherry,


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  2. giving unified thanks for light,
    warmth, and nurture.
    looking up, they begin to sing…

    A unified response can unwittingly gather strength from the bigger number of those present. They can easily create something positive!



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