In Defense of Myth

For Creativity Challenge 8: Defend


In Defense of Myth

History is a story
sometimes wrapped
round myth and legend.
But, all too often, myth
holds a shiny gem
of truth at its center.

Like the folk-tale
from a long ago time,
about a Changeling.
Someone brought in
to exchange good for bad,
darkness for light.

In current times, people
want change. A government
that will serve their needs
instead of its own. I fear
we’ve been given
a Changeling.

Someone who says one thing
then denies, changes it the next day.
Someone who calls scientific
proof, a hoax to be ignored
because there is money
to be gained in that ignorance.

Someone who thinks women
shouldn’t have the right
to fight for control
over their own bodies. And that
sexual preference is to be
denied, even punished.

Someone who would exchange
the strength of diversity for weakness
of bigotry, because if we are busy
fighting one another, we won’t notice
how much money he will make
from our fear and hatred.

Someone who seems to believe
that twitter makes his words,
the voice of God, only better.

It is time to draw forth that gem
of truth from the myth. Polish it,
and allow its inner glow to light
up our darkening world.
Time to stand up, say “No,”
to this Changeling thrust upon us.

Elizabeth Crawford  11/28/2016



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3 Responses to In Defense of Myth

  1. annell4 says:

    You said it all, and then there is always more……


  2. Time to stand up, say “No,”
    to this Changeling thrust upon us.

    One is not to swallow wholesale any changes without considering the outcome
    Hank is here:



  3. Sherry Marr says:

    Wow, Elizabeth, way to say “No!”. Love the idea of the changeling. Perfect! One for our chat?


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