Inside The Dragon’s Lair

For NaPoWriMo: Day 29

friends, time, mistakes, fighting, through, end

dragons lair3

Inside The Dragon’s Lair

It iz almozt done,
little one?

Yup, tomorrow is the last

How do you feel
about zat?

Tired, a bit sad that it’s
going to end, but also
glad that I did it.

You zertainly did,
but not zure why
you did it. It iz  zzoo
much hazzle, doing
both thingz, but you
knew that at the ztart.

Yes, that’s true, but this
time was different. I needed
to reclaim myself.

Reclaim? Not zure I
really underztand that.

With everything that was
going on, I’d gotten to feeling
a bit lost, at odds with myself,
my purpose, my being…
Needed to reestablish the things
that are most important to me,
prove to myself that I could still
do it…still be me.

And did you do zat? 

Yes, I did. I’m still a writer,
a somewhat good one. I’m
still a teacher, maybe a little
rusty, but it’s still there, still
available. And most important,
I am still learning
by being creative.

Zssounds like you were
fighting with yourzelf.

Didn’t realize that I was, but
getting through all of this
sure settled a few things.

Like what?

Getting old doesn’t mean
becoming useless. I still
have something to offer.
Can still make new friends, and
can still make mistakes
and learn from them.

Ahh, yessz, little one,
you are ztill, human.
Age doezz not change
that. Will you reward
yourzelf for thiz reclaiming? 

That depends on you.

How zzooo? 

It’s been a while
since I have ridden
dragon back. I was thinking
maybe a day trip?

You know, all you have
to do is asszk. It would
be my pleazzure.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/29/16

Notes: First image is a digital painting I did while playing with colors. Purely an accident. Second image is from the internet.

Musical Inspiration:

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2 Responses to Inside The Dragon’s Lair

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    I LOVE this conversation. Yes, it is at our desks that we know we still have purpose. We are working against the clock, but perhaps doing some of our best work (at least on the good days, LOL.) LOVE the day trip on a dragon’s back. I want to zip over there on my broom and hop aboard!

    Lol, hope your broom has a turbo jet engine. She moves faster than lightning and I just hang on laughing and squealing. Thanks for being here this month, you are so supportive and encouraging.



  2. Oh Elizabeth, I love this piece. You are a teacher, there is much I have to learn from you, yet. Sometimes I am resistant, but you are gently persistent. A day trip on a dragon’s back sounds wonderful. If you fly over Ohio, please do stop by for tea and talk. Maybe we can play a game of scrabble, or write a poem together. April has been trying and rewarding, and I appreciate your place in my NaPoWriMo this year. Thank you.

    “gently persistent”? I’m a North Wisconsin hillbilly with a stubborn rebellious streak at my core. But your comment made me realize something. I used to play scrabble with my Dad. He always won (he read dictionaries and encyclopedias when he wasn’t driving an eighteen wheeler). Perhaps that is where I first encountered this fascination for words. Not as an intellectual exercise, but due to that competitive spirit that still rises up on rare occasions. I can hear him laughing as I write this, or saying softly, “You just realized that?” He was an extremely good teacher and his lessons were the lasting kind. I’ll certainly ask Marananthaheth if she knows where Ohio is, she usually takes me to hear the dragons sing.



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