For NaPoWriMo: Day 26

music, defenses, sensation, tender, truth, imagination, night, listen,



You want the truth?
I think color and music
share the same soul.

Both been around forever,
can be both tough
and tender.

Seep into senses, fire
imagination, easily
overpower defenses,

to calm an agitated heart
in middle of a dark
and lonely night.

One for an ear to listen,
the other for the eyes
to see. Together

might even bring wholeness
to a soul that has never
known it.

How do I know this?
Because both music
and color have come

to life, to dance, inside of me.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/26/16

Process Notes: Since the first of the month, I have set up prompts for NaPo, using words, visuals, and music. I set up the prompt the night before. Some of them have worked well, others maybe not so well. Last night, I used Music of The Night from Phantom of The Opera. A song that has haunted me for years for all kinds of reasons. And as is my custom, just forgot the prompt busying myself with the usual end of the day contortions. Went to bed thinking, I don’t have a clue what the hell I’m going to write to this prompt. Slept. Less than half awake this morning, I could see my fingers trying to type up something for this morning, then promptly erase and start over again. Couldn’t quite remember the words I had chosen from the song. Knew they included the words music, night, and tender, but couldn’t quite make them work together. Then the epiphany. Color is a sort of music and music creates color in the imagination. Now wide awake, I came directly to my desk and wrote the poem in less than ten minutes. It took far longer to choose the image to go with it, lol. The image is a template I made from a pen and ink doodle, then put through the kaleidoscope app. It was colored with colored pencils and then finished (this morning, I might add), with a digital background . Realization takes a lot of time, especially when hearing is beginning to dim and eyes are fogged over with sleep. But thank heaven for dreams.

Musical Inspiration:

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2 Responses to Soul-Mates

  1. pmwanken says:

    I didn’t listen to the music this time — just let the idea of the night’s music fill my head. As it often does at midnight. Thanks for sharing your process notes — so interesting to follow the path one has taken to get to the end product. I enjoyed this!


  2. Sherry Marr says:

    Music and color sharing the same soul – I love that! Interesting process notes, too, Elizabeth.


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