Slip-Sliding Away

For NaPoWriMo:  Day 16


Slip-Sliding Away

No longer plan specific destination
for each day. What comes, happens.

On the good days, I simply feel
nearer to the me I wish to be.
Words slip and slide smoothly
over paper and colors are friends
that happily rush to describe a world
only I can imagine. Filled with
rainbows, sunlight. A space where
feelings are hawks soaring against
billowing clouds, and laughter ripples
outward, like waves in cool clear water.

On bad days, color and words disappear.
Can’t even begin to explain thorny brambles
that hedge me round, inside a world
of brooding silence, where slightest sound
causes involuntary startled response.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/16/16

Notes: The prompt was to describe good vs bad days.

The image is a photograph. Taken several years ago, at a place called Dave’s Falls. It’s a favorite and I think of it as sacred ground.

Musical Inspiration:

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5 Responses to Slip-Sliding Away

  1. Oh, I can feel you here, Elizabeth. Your opening for the second stanza is spot on. I love this piece. Thank you for sharing your process, and prompting us along this month. Don’t know if I’d make it without you. I fear I’m slipping into your final stanza. 😉

    Later, gator!


  2. The depth of explanation compared to the brevity of the second stanza works really well here, especially considering the topic matter.


  3. Sherry Marr says:

    Yes, exactly. I can feel the rightness of this poem. My good days are the ones where I dont have to be at others’ beck and call, and the day stretches out….mine. Like today. Yay!


  4. Tom Merriman says:

    A good balance, Elizabeth. Always best to have more focus on the good!


  5. pmwanken says:

    I can really relate to the feeling of that last paragraph…nicely done. And…I adore the photo. I could sit beside that spot and watch for hours.


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