Soul Unleashed

For NaPoWriMo: Day 6

wonder, pushed, soul, wrong, clear, deep

Six For Wednesday

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Soul Unleashed

Come from a family
that thought luke-warm
was best. Frowned upon
outbursts of anger or joy.
Pushed them away, called
them inappropriate.

As if clear bell-like laughter
of a child’s giddy wonder
over unfolding world
could be wrong. A song sung
out of harmony with their
chosen hard plastic reality.

Already had children of my own
the first time I felt it. Transparent
bubbles rising in chest, causing
tiny bright stars to surf through
excited racing blood stream.

And that deep bell-like laughter
escaping from lips? Sound
of a soul finally unleashed,
finally free to make friends
with itself.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/6/16

Notes: Gotta admit that creating these prompts has become a hell of a journey. And not in a bad or difficult manner. I set up the prompt the night before, then come to respond to it the next morning. What I find most often surprises me. That’s a really good thing, especially at my age and after writing so much poetry for so many years. This one is definitely biographical, as most of them have been. At age twenty-seven, with two children, I had a spiritual experience that greatly altered my life. I knew genuine joy for the first time and discovered the meaning of incredible synchronicity.

The image is a bonfire photo taken by me, and manipulated through a kaleidoscope app. The musical inspiration for this prompt may be found here:


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8 Responses to Soul Unleashed

  1. Sherry Marr says:

    Well, Ms Elizabeth, it is synchronicity or us living parallel lives, that I awakened at 27 too, when I finally was free of my marriage and began to feel wonder, joy, what adult love can be, and my voice was freed. That year I watched Born Free and Jonathan Livingston Seagull and I was off. I resonate so much with your poem…..I too, felt that giddy wonder, was shushed by “their hard plastic reality.” I had a great bubbling in my chest that wanted to burst free, that I was forced to keep tapped down. That is how wild women are born, I suspect.


  2. Jae Rose says:

    27 is a pivotal age it seems – make or break for many – i am so glad that it was a burst..a re-joining and a ripple of joy.. makes you wonder why parents don’t wish their children happiness or joy – it’s a battle to undo that isn’t it – i am very glad we have words to connect with others who know – and i love Sherry’s comment especially the last sentence 😉


  3. It’s interesting, when I was writing about childhood for the prompt, I kept seeing grackles rising, to compare to the rising in my chest. I love your last stanza. ❤


  4. oldegg says:

    What an inspiring and moving piece this is. It is so important that the real us shines through in life despite the adversity.


  5. C.C. says:

    The bubbles rising and the bright stars… perfectly depicted….and better that they arrived late than never!! I love Sherry’s comment about wild women, too 🙂


  6. Pamela says:

    Beautiful to reach that stage in life, Elizabeth. Love that you are here for us this month.

    Pamela ox


  7. And that deep bell-like laughter
    escaping from lips? Sound
    of a soul finally unleashed,
    finally free to make friends

    One can feel the nearness to freedom of thought and actions at late twenties. Matured willing and able to do things. Wonderful lines Elizabeth!



  8. Bastet says:

    Luke-warm families are usually families that have known tragic emotional explosions … it’s true that the dark side of emotion can be terrible … but just denying it and not learning to manage them means that they could know no joy or the light side of emotion. A wonderful poem, thanks for sharing. Bastet


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