The Crow

For NapoWrimo: Day 1

sound, silence, break, proclaim, admit, begin

The suggestion was to write about breaking silence.


The Crow

Came every morning,
cawing and cackling
his way through my
waking moments.

A symbol of higher law
than that made by men.
Must admit I listened, trying
to learn his language. He

proclaimed new beginnings.
Dawn overcoming night. Darkness
broken by light. Sound of creation
putting an end to silence.

So I opened my window
and whispered, “I hear you.”
He spread his wings, left,
seeking another in need

of his message.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/1/2016

Notes: True story. When I first moved to my new place, I was exhausted and did little except play on my computer. The crow (named Jocko), came each day to talk to me. I finally settled down and began reading about crows and what they represent. I already knew they were a symbol of higher law. What I didn’t know was why that was so. Crow, like all birds, is a spiritual messenger. His message is about Creation (creativity). How, at the moment of creation, that energy brings light to the surrounding darkness. I began writing daily again, and creating templates which I color. Jocko still visits occasionally and when I hear him, I smile and nod my head, telling him “Thank you.”


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6 Responses to The Crow

  1. Caw! Caw! Caw!


  2. Sherry Marr says:

    I LOVE the story of Jocko, and that he still visits. Your move was all about claiming space and nurturing your creativity. How cool that the crow brings the message of creativity. Very cool.


  3. I’m so glad your crow was companionable and helpful. I have opposite experience of corvidae – when I was studying we had to study the then Poet Laureate Ted Hughes’ book “Crow” which I loathed, as the whole collection seemed to be permeated with death.


  4. Such a symbolic message! A spirit guide for a spirit guide … your words touch a deep part of my soul. May we all listen and pay heed to our natural surroundings.


  5. Pamela says:

    Lovely poem and your backstory is great. Thanks again for what you are doing this month.


    Pamela ox


  6. pmwanken says:

    Elizabeth…absolutely adore these words: Dawn overcoming night. Darkness
    broken by light.
    Such hope. Thank you!!


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