Mythopoesis 30 – Darien’s Poem

For NaPoWriMo  Day 30

burning bush finalDarien’s Poem

This poem is a myth
in the making, a story
unfolding, seeking
a place of its own,
singular space it might
call home.

This poem has traveled
for days, one at a time,
searching for ways
that its words might
be heard, might find
an ear that will listen.

This poem is a song
singing itself from here
to there, breath of fresh
air hoping to inspire,
becoming spark that ignites
burning fire of creation.

This poem is no more
than a whisper, on lips
of would-be poet, who only
knows that which grows
in his heart is a seed
in need of nurture.

This poem is a gift given,
that must be received
before it can truly live.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/30/15

Notes: Today is the final day of NaPoWriMo 2015. Came here this morning and simply sat, thinking and daydreaming of how to finish this closing segment of my myth-making experiment. Lots of thoughts but no desire to write them down. That went on for an hour or so, until I saw the character Darien (from the Counsel of Bards) reading a poem he had written. A few segments ago, Darien admitted that he’d been blocked, unable to write. However, in the last post, he instructs the students within the classroom, to go home and write about all the things a poem might, or could, be. Being a teacher after my own heart, he couldn’t ask them to do what he himself was unwilling to do. As soon as I recognized that reality, the poem started forming and was one of the easiest writes I’ve experienced this entire month. Just so you know, it was never my intent to give the man from Interlude a name. He was to remain “the man from Interlude.” That was until he came to me, in a fragment of a dream, and  told me his name was Darien. The name is originally from the Greek and means gift.

The image is one of my digital paintings.

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3 Responses to Mythopoesis 30 – Darien’s Poem

  1. Mary says:

    This poem is a beautiful poem
    and yes, a gift given which must be received.
    I hope many receive it! Smiles.


  2. Oh, wow…I LOVE this!! What an amazing process and poem that you created as well. Really beautiful and inspiring work. ♥


  3. Sigh. This could not be a more perfect closing poem. But now I will miss them……I suspect there will be more….truly, this month’s work has been beyond beautiful, Elizabeth. You took us on a journey with you……and it was a most wonderful trip. Thank you.


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