Mythopoesis 24 – The Learning Begins

For NaPoWriMo Day 24


The Learning Begins

The circle of children and teacher
sat in shade of a huge oak, refreshed
by a gentle breeze rustling softly
through overhanging leaves.

He sat, leaning back against
its trunk, surprised at the smile
and nod he received from
the teacher (as though she’d
been expecting him).

Gathering the children’s
attention, she told them
of a surprise treat she’d brought
for them, a poem written by
one of their own: Maliah.

The child slowly stood up,
clearing her throat, she began
to read her poem (that was a kitten)
in a light soprano voice that easily
reached the ears of all who listened.

Especially those of the man
who had traveled from Interlude.
By the time the child had finished,
he was grinning, eyes alight with
brightness of joy. Unable
to resist, he was on his feet,
clapping his hands and whistling.

Stopping abruptly, realizing that all
eyes had swiveled toward his person. Some
smiling, others not able to hide their
questioning curiosity.
In a rush to explain, opening his mouth
he began to speak.

That is a boomerang
poem, do you know that? Turning
to the child, he asked, Who taught
you about this kind of poem?

With a wide smile, she simply said,
My Mama.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/24/15

Notes: Very late today. Several things interfered, but I finally finished. Can only hope, I’ll do better tomorrow. Image is a kaleidoscope created from one of my zen doodles. The center image is a pen and ink drawing that I merged within the kaleidoscope.

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1 Response to Mythopoesis 24 – The Learning Begins

  1. I love that Hannah’s boomerang poem made it into your poem. I can see the child’s proud smile…..beautiful, my friend.


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