Mythopoesis 23 – Continuing The Journey

For NaPoWriMo Day 23

dscn1962-2Continuing The Journey

Although he had left the small
market town behind him, he’d
encountered no one in the days
that followed. Yet, was more than
content with his thoughts
and companionship of birds, their
songs, the landscape unfolding
as he slowly moved through it.

The myth he’d heard in the market
place stayed with him, reminding
him of other times and places.
How want and desire can and do
create impatience as they seek
their own satisfaction. How that
impatience may turn a want
into a need, that ripples outward
and may affect all it touches for

Memories of the woman he’d met,
and her practice of delayed satisfaction.
If she found herself wanting a piece
of chocolate, she’d resist immediate
consumption, putting it off for three
days. And how that waiting made
the chocolate more sweet, as well
as more satisfying somehow.

These ruminations had given him
focus, perhaps some direction, as
he continued his journey toward
an unknown destination. At that
moment, he rounded a bend
that ended in a clearing where
a large wood cabin had been built.

In the foreground, he saw a group
of children, sitting in a circle
surrounding a woman who was
obviously teaching them. Deciding
to join them, he slowly moved
in their direction.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/23/15

Notes: Took a break for Earth Day yesterday and enjoyed posting for the Challenge I had created. Last night, I realized that I only had about seven more days to finish this myth-making experiment, so knew it was time to bring the man from Interlude into contact with the child and her mother. We shall see what happens next. Between my sporadic posting yesterday, I was rereading the first book in the Odd Thomas series, written by Dean Koontz. In it, Odd’s girlfriend Stormy, explains her practice of delayed satisfaction. Love that synchronicity. Image is a photo taken last summer.

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1 Response to Mythopoesis 23 – Continuing The Journey

  1. Oh cool, I cant wait to hear the conversation when the three of them start talking. I am already thinking how I will miss these stories once April is over. But maybe they’ll continue from time to time……..


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