Mythopoesis 13 – Meanwhile In The Valley Interlude

For NaPoWriMo Day 13

Meanwhile, In The Valley Interlude

Image from Internet

Image from Internet

Just as he always does,
the man rises before dawn,
dresses, and walks down
to the river to greet
the sunrise. Closes his eyes
and listens for the music.
Slowly it begins:

He opens his eyes
to the first streak
of dawn unfolding
the skies. Thinks
of that woman, the song
she sang. Trudges slowly
toward his rambling house
and knows himself to be
the fool. Looks around,
sees the lushness
of this place; the green
grasses, the wildflowers
nodding in the breeze,
his rambling home
where he lives alone.

Yes, he has found
the peace for which
he sought. Then asks
aloud, “But, at what

Elizabeth Crawford  4/13/15

Notes: I was surprised at where these words and the song took me this morning. It was my original intention to use another song and artist. However, while working that through in my head, one of the lyrics of this present song (the darkness still has work to do) kept playing in the background. So, I went in search of Peter Gabriel, which changed my direction. I chose this video because it includes most of the lyrics from the original song. But, one word has been altered from that original composition. That word is woman, not women. This song is about accepting that a very real part of our human psyche includes the elements of the opposite sex. When we don’t accept that reality, we can not, and do not find wholeness. That is why Gabriel sings that the darkness still has work to do.

I have also posted an Earth Day challenge to all artists, poets, and writers here:

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  1. Chrissy says:

    great song and lyrics


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