Mythopoesis 11 – Dreaming A Poem

For NaPoWriMo Day 11

Dreaming A Poem

Morph #19  12-27-09aMama, I had a dream
last night. A good one,
I think.

Do you want to tell
me about it?

A woman, Lizbeth came
and showed me how
to write a poem.

And what was the poem

The white kitten out
in the barn.

Maybe, you should try
to write the poem, honey.
Would you like to do

Yes, Mama, I would,
but I don’t know how
to write a poem. Can
you help me?

Come here to the desk. There
is a Dictionary, paper, pencils,
pens and that old book of poems
in which I found that one
we both liked. Will you need
anything else?

I might have questions,

Then just ask, little one,
I’ll help if I can.

   And so it went throughout the day. As the woman worked, cleaning and cooking, reading a book in the afternoon, the child would come and ask about certain words, how to phrase
an idea. The woman, who had once written poetry, explained many things: sound alike words that create a rhythm, a sort of music, poetic line and many other things, always leaving the choices to the child and her own imagination. After their evening meal, the child came, one last time.

I think it is finished, Mama.

Good child. Do you want me
to read it, or would you like
to read it to me?

I think I’d like you to read
it, so I can hear how it sounds,
and if it is really finished.

Okay, I think I can do that.

This Poem Is A Kitten

This poem is a small white kitty
with a black heart spot
right in the middle of his

This poem is a squirming cat
with four paws
This poem bounces and pounces.
tumbling over itself
to touch, taste, and test
everything around it.

This poem only wants to grow,
to learn, to know.

This poem is just a kitten.

(After a few moments
of silence) I think it is
finished, Mama. What
do you think?

(clapping)I think it is a particularly fine,
beautiful, and wonderful first
poem, and I think you need
to show it to your teacher
on Monday.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/11/15

Notes: This computer is going in for a diagnostic, at a different firm. So, for the next few days, I will be posting from my daughter’s computer. That will limit me somewhat, but I’m getting used to that sort of thing lately. I keep trying to tell myself that this is an adventure, a very stressful one. And that some day, I will be able to laugh about all of it. One can only hope. This post, obviously came out of the last one. The image is a pen and ink zen doodle.

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4 Responses to Mythopoesis 11 – Dreaming A Poem

  1. Oh my friend, I adore this poem, especially the child’s poem within a poem about the kitten. SPECTACULAR. I CANNOT IMAGINE the stress of all this computer trouble right in the middle of April. I hope the technician gets it fixed, finally. Good luck!


  2. I’m applauding with mama!


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  4. Mr. Walker says:

    Yes, we all need Mamas like that.


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