Mythopoesis 10 – This Poem

For NaPoWriMo Day 10 autumn rainbowThis Poem

Thank you, Mama, for letting me
play with the kittens. I love how
they bounce around, especially
that little white one with the black
heart spot on his forehead. He’s always
getting into things and his mama
has to keep getting him out.

He’s a lot like you. He can’t ask
questions like you do, but he is curious
about his world, so goes exploring
but doesn’t know what is good or bad,
so his mama has to keep rescuing him.

Maybe we should call him Fool,
but he won’t be a fool when he
learns all that his mama has to teach him.

Oh, but his mama is only his first teacher.
He, like all of us, will continue to learn
throughout his life, from other cats,
from everything he encounters and experiences
as he goes through his own adventure.

We could name him Walker,
or maybe just Traveler?

Those are both good names, child,
but come sit here with me, we’ll watch
the fire. I found an old book of poems today,
and one of the poems made me think of you.

Really, Mama? A poem
that made you think of me?

Yes, it’s called This Poem

This Poem Is A Foolish Child Awaiting A Hug

This poem is a child laughing and learning.
This poem is a fool walking.
This poem is a mother’s hug.

This poem is a myth in the making
held on the lap of a wise woman.
Taking place in a space that doesn’t exist.
In a time that is timeless, yet belongs
to all time. This poem is a child
laughing and learning.

This poem is a journey, made in pieces
and parts. A heart beating to the sound
of a traveler’s feet as they meet the path
that moves toward wisdom.
This poem is a fool walking.

This poem is a soft kiss on a questioning brow.
Cool cloth of relief when questions
are asked and find rightful answers.
This poem is a mother’s hug.

This poem is a curious child, laughing and learning.
This poem is an innocent fool walking.
This poem is a loving mother’s warm hug.

Oh Mama, I love that poem. It
is about me, about you,
and even
about the Fool.
Who wrote it Mama?

A woman named Elizabeth

Elizabeth Crawford  4/10/15

Notes: My birthday began with a very disagreeable plumber who was extremely rude. But, the bathroom is fixed, and the maintenance crew will be back next week to plaster the various holes in the bathroom and closet. It ended on a far better note. My sister and her husband came over with a hot pizza and cupcakes with a candle. We played dice and laughed until I ached. After they left, I went to visit Sherry Blue Sky (her addie is in my blogroll) and found a wonderfully whimsical poem and a new form called The Boomerang Poem. The form was created by one of our own online poets, Hannah Gosselin. It may be found at her site, located here: Thank you to both of these wonderful women, you saved my butt. I was very tempted to skip today’s writing. The image is one of my digital paintings. It is the original painting that was turned into yesterday’s image.

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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3 Responses to Mythopoesis 10 – This Poem

  1. Goodness this is special!! I love what you’ve created and two of my favorite lines,

    “This poem is a myth in the making
    held on the lap of a wise woman.”

    Love all of it and and a Happy Birthday hug to you – I’m honored that part of your Birthday was spent with me!!

    Thank you, for trying out my form – it’s great fun, I think!! 🙂

    Thank you so much Hannah. For the form, its inspirational impetus, and the joy it brought after a hard day. Its more than fun, it opens doors that imagination leaps to enter through. I’m doing something different this year. Instead of a poem a day, I’m attempting to create a myth in bits and peaces, adding to it each day. I wanted poetry to be a part of that, but felt I was stumbling through the dark. Your form gave me a key which allowed me to do what I really wanted to do, and I can see how it might become an integral part of the story I am creating. So, thank you from the bottom of this old woman’s heart, for the birthday wishes, the joy, and the priceless gift you have given me,



  2. Elizabeth, what a THRILL to come in and find you tried Hannah’s form. You are so right, it opens doors to things one otherwise might not have found. My poem began with an elf and the form and no other ideas. But the form led me on a very cool journey. I am so happy you wound up your birthday with Hannah and me. Makes me so happy. I have read a lot of wonderful poems this week, but yours is very extra-special. I especially love the same lines Hannah noted. Yippee! Blogging creates magic, from one poet to another. I love it.

    Thanks Sherry, for leading me to Hannah’s form, as well as your own supportive enthusiasm. And yes, I would agree with you about the poetry circuit. I have often thought it is much like an online classroom, very similar to my teaching experiences and college as well. But online, I can attend in my jammies, lol, yet still plug myself in and just let the current of ideas, inspiration, memories, etc. flow through me. Your poem started off with such a whimsical manner that I had to go see what the form was all about. Thank you both for this extra special birthday gift.



  3. Your poem resounds with gentle wisdom. ❤


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