Mythopoesis 9 – Inner Conflict

For NaPoWriMo Day 9

Stormy WeatherInner Conflict

Ah, you are finally
home. How was your
day at school?

(Not looking up) I guess
it was okay.

What’s wrong child?
You are usually full
of chatter the moment
you arrive.

Something bad happened
today, and I’m feeling
not so good about it.

Would you like to come,
sit on my lap, and tell me
about it?

(Climbing into her mother’s
lap, resting against her shoulder)
It was Julie’s birthday today.
Her mother brought cupcakes
to celebrate. They were just
plain without any frosting
on them. I thought they
were  fine, but Joey
got really sassy, said they
were awful and threw his
on the floor, said he wouldn’t
eat such crap. Julie started

That sounds pretty awful.
What happened then?

Oh Mama, I wanted to smack
Joey, hit him so hard,
make him cry, like Julie
was crying. It hurt
Mama. I felt so mixed up

Did you hit him, child?

No, Mama. I knew that
would be wrong. I membered
that you said we don’t hit
anyone unless they are
attacking us, meaning
to do harm, but I still
wanted to do it.
Am I a bad person, Mama?

No, little one, you are
not a bad person. What
did your teacher do?

She was really angry and took
Joey to the office. We didn’t see
him for the rest of the day. And
I hope he doesn’t ever come back,
cause I still want to hit him,
even though I know that wouldn’t
be okay. I feel so mixed up.

Sort of like you have
a bad storm, with lightning
and thunder going on inside
of you? With lots of wind
blowing and black billowing
clouds that look like they will
make it dark as night?

Un huh, like that with
flashing lights and thunder boomers
crashing and things flying around.
I’m sorry, Mama.

There is no need to be
sorry, little one. It sounds
like you had a pretty rough
day, but you got through it.

But, we were supposed
to talk about the little
white flower some more.

Yes, we were and we are,
but all of that can wait. Why
don’t we go out to the barn
and play with the kittens.
Would you like to do that?

Yes, I would, and maybe
the storm will go away.

I really like the kittens,
they are so soft and funny.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/9/15

It is my birthday today and that sort of led me into the story, as well as the next part of explaining the significance and symbolism of the flower. I had to keep it short, as the plumber is coming to knock another hole in the wall in order to fix the shower. The image is a digital painting I did several years ago. I originally had a rainbow in it, and told a friend that I wanted lightning and dark clouds, but had no idea of how to do it. So, she showed me.

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2 Responses to Mythopoesis 9 – Inner Conflict

  1. Beautiful story, adorable child and wise mama, Elizabeth. PLUS a fabulous painting. Doesn’t get much better!

    Thank you Sherry for caring enough to come each day. But, even more than that, for being a light of inspiration
    on this very different path I am walking these days.



  2. Happy Birthday, a bit belated, dear Poet! I have felt that same storm inside of me, and I appreciate your description of it. I hope your birthday was fantastic!


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