Mythopoesis 6 – About Opposites

For NaPoWriMo Day 6

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About Opposites

Mama, was that one
of the pies I helped
you make when the apples
were ready? I really liked

Yes. We’ve spoken of them
several times and it made me
hungry, so I got the pie
from the freezer and warmed
it up.

The child shakes her head,
and there is fear in her eyes.

Oh, little one, what’s wrong?
Why are you so frightened?

You said you were hungry.
That was in the galloping
horse dream, the, the

I was in your nightmare?

No, no. But everything
in it was hungry and that’s
why it was so scarey.

And you still don’t want
to talk about it? The child nods.
So let’s talk about the Fool card
and his picture. Would that be

Yes, Mama, please.

Do you know what the word
opposites means?

I think so. It means
when two things are
very different, like night
and day. All other things
stay the same, but day
is light, and night is dark.
They are opposites.

Very good, child. You are right.
When I turn the Fool Card
upside down, the meanings
in the parable become opposites,
they oppose, are in conflict,
with the up right meanings.

The Fool Rider-Waite deck2What do you think would
happen in this upside/down

Well, the sun wouldn’t be
shining because it would be
night and dark out. And
maybe the Fool wouldn’t
be there because he chose
not to begin his journey?

How wise you are becoming.
And why do you think
he might not choose
to begin his journey?

I don’t know. Maybe cause
it’s dark out and the dark
can be scarey?

That is a really good guess
and somewhat close to
the answer. Remember,
the Fool begins the journey
thinking about all those new
things he will see and come
to know about? What would
be the opposite of that?

He chooses not to go
because he doesn’t want
to see, doesn’t want
to know? Why would
anyone not want to know
about new things

There are many reasons. Some
people are uncomfortable with new
things, especially new ideas
and ways of knowing, because
new ideas mean change, and many
people don’t want things to change.
They are comfortable with the way
things are, and changes, even changes
for the good, might mean they would
feel discomfort, ill at ease, and not
know what anything means, anymore.
They might feel stupid, even dumb,
so they don’t want or need new ideas
which make them feel that way.
There are even some individuals
who won’t ask questions
because they are afraid
that others will think
they are ignorant.

Oh that must be awful!
Not to want to learn,
not to want to ask questions,
not to want to listen
for the answers that help
us to know what we don’t
know. Would that mean
that upside down, the Fool
chooses not to take that
first step in the learning
process you told me about?
And would that mean
he will stay a Fool

He could, that is possible.
But, each new day
is a new beginning
that brings opportunites
to choose differently.
So, the Fool might choose
to take that first step
tomorrow, or the next day,
or maybe next year.
It is always his choice.
We can only hope
he doesn’t choose
to be forever foolish.

That is so sad because
he looks so happy to begin
his journey in the right side
up picture. Mama? Are
foolish people ever happy?

Well, we might not think so,
but maybe on some level
they are, or must be
because they keep making
that same choice.
Perhaps they confuse
feeling comfortable
with being happy.
Thank you, child,
you just made me realize
something I hadn’t thought
about before.

You are welcome, Mama.
I am so glad you are teaching
me about asking questions
and listening for the answers.
The child yawns.

It is time for you to go to bed.
We’ll talk about the little
white flower tomorrow.
Sleep well and have good dreams.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/6/15

Notes: Another piece of the myth I am making for the month of April. I usually follow, more or less, some form of a prompt, but really wanted to do something different. And this is turning out to be a whole lot of fun. Work and fun, but satisfying as one piece walks me into the next piece. As I had mentioned in one of the comments, I had been exploring the whole idea of Mythopoesis (making myths), and kept running into the statement that the myth-makers are The Poets and Artists of that generation. That, in itself, seemed to be offering a challenge. So, I’m trying it on for size and really liking what is happening. The image is another zen doodle and the card image is from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

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6 Responses to Mythopoesis 6 – About Opposites

  1. annell4 says:

    I like the way you are looking at the cards!

    Thanks Annell. What I am liking is that my understanding has deepened with time and I’m learning as I go. Not a bad place to be, me thinks.



  2. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Quite intriguing.. I liked the flow of the writing… had me absorbed and deep in thought 🙂

    Thank you so much Sanaa, for coming back and reading again. And I’m glad that you found it intriguing. This isn’t what I intended to write, originally, but it was so persistent, I had to follow it. I seldom resist when that happens because I have found that resistance hurts both myself and the writing. Now, if I could just apply that to all areas of my life, lol.



  3. Sorry to get political, but I kept thinking about Tea Party Republicans afraid to change their thinking. 😉

    No need for apologies here. You remind me of that phrase: “The personal is political, and political is personal.” You should have seen the gallery of portraits that passed by as I was writing this (including those of which you speak and so many more). Some of those individuals would consider this journey a bit of blasphemy, I’m sure. That is their problem and I’m not about to apologize for expressing myself. Why should you?



  4. Rob McShane says:

    Great writing Elizabeth! It flows so well that it keeps you reading – and opens up where many fear to tread! Good for you… And thank you!

    What a wonderful compliment, Rob. Thank you. Read my response to Brenda. I’m writing about how The Fool might choose to sit on the fence and not even begin. I have not been a fence sitter for some time now. I have only begun this particular journey and am already being challenged by my own words. To me, that means I am on the right track, and might even grow a bit in the process.



  5. Sherry Marr says:

    I am LOVING this series. I especially love the lines about confusing feeling comfortable with being happy. That is so write on. Elizabeth, I am wondering if your email address has changed? I have been emailing you, not sure they got through.

    Sherry, this is the third computer I am trying to use in less than a week. I’ve lost a great deal of my ability to create, as well as write because I’ve lost files and whole programs. I do know that this email works, so please use it.
    Sorry about any inconvenience. Along with the computer issues, we sprang a leak in the bathroom this weekend and the plumber is coming today to cut a hole into the shower. I had to go to my sister’s to get clean, lol. It’s been a hell of a week,



  6. Oh! My! God! One of THOSE weeks. Thanks for the email, kiddo. Will wait till you sort yourself out and then try to catch up. I was using the old email. I am ASTONISHED at the caliber of your work through all of that going on. Wow.

    Thank you for understanding, my friend. Am hoping things will begin to calm down soon. As for the caliber of the work, I have to admit that coming here and just doing it, has been a godsend in itself. This is something I can do, not have to wait on others for assistance or their schedules. It is keeping me sane. I come here and lose myself in the process and it’s a lot like taking a break from all the crap that remains out of my control. It might be a fragile balance, but it’s working so far. This is a discipline I have honed over the last thirty years, and right now, I am just grateful I have done so.



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