Mythopoesis 3 – About Dreams and Dreaming

For NaPoWriMo Day 3

About Dreams and Dreaming


How did you sleep, child?

I slept really good, but
how did I….

What is it, child? You
were going to ask me
something, then you
seemed to become
frightened and stopped
right in the middle
of your asking.

I wanted to know
how I got here, in
your room, but then
remembered the galloping
horse and got scared again.
Why do we dream, Mama?

Oh, little one, that is
a really good, but big question,
and probably has as many
answers as there are green
buds on the apple tree
that grows by the back fence.

But, I like the apple tree.
The green buds will turn
into pretty, soft white
and pink flowers
that will then
become apples
that are really
good to eat. The apple tree
doesn’t scare me.

Oh, but do you remember
last year, when the apples
were still hard and green
and you ate some of them?

Yes, I got sick and that
was sort of scarey, but
you took care of me, held
and rocked me, sang me
songs like that one
about roses and violets,
and I got better real fast,
and when the apples were
ready, you let me help you
bake a pie that was really,
really good to eat. We made
lots of things with those apples.

Yes, we did and I’m
so glad you remember,
even the song. It’s an old,
old lullaby that my grndmother
sang to me, but I can only
remember the one verse,
(and she sings): Roses love
sunshine, violets love dew,
angels in heaven,
know I love you.*

The child smiles softly,
nodding her head, Yes,
that’s the one you sang
when I was sick and scared.
I wish you could remember
the rest of the song, Mama.

That is a very old song,
and I wasn’t any older
than you are now when
Nana sang it to me. I wish
I could remember too, but
I think I chose to remember
the best part of the song,
the part that was most
important to me.

Mama, I’m hungry,
can we eat now?

Yes, of course we can,
and while we eat, I’ll
try to tell you about
dreams and dreaming.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/3/15

Notes: Like all of us, I am creating this, one day at a time. Yesterday, I thought I might have stuck myself in a corner with the idea of a nightmare, but was curious about where it might go. So, I posted it and went on with another busy day, dealing with computers that refused to cooperate, another, to me, new computer to replace the one that was so frustrating, an exchange with my sister that left me totally perplexed, and some coloring to try to simply calm myself down. Did get the new puter up and running. Went on Facebook and found a posting that had a woman singing the song* mentioned here. I caught the melody and knew that I knew the song, just couldn’t quite remember it. Like the mother in my myth, I remember my grandmother singing it, and later, my Mom. And like my character, I can only remember that one verse. I also knew that I wanted more imagery in this myth. When I started writing this morning I had no idea what I was going to write about. That can be daunting, but I truly believe that if one shows up and begins, something will come. And it did. The image of the apple tree and the song, which in turn gave me just a wee inkling about where to start tomorrow. Have I said that I’m enjoying this adventure and the synchronicity? I am. The image is another zen doodle done with fine artists pens.

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4 Responses to Mythopoesis 3 – About Dreams and Dreaming

  1. Pamela says:

    Nice scene, Elizabeth. Apples, trees, flowers, very nice.


    Thank you Pamela, like I said earlier, this making myth each day is really new ground for me, even though I’ve been doing it as long as I have the poetry. I actually found one of the first ones I wrote way back there in the beginning. It will surface here. Am hoping, because the poetry has been here all along, it will begin to raise its head and choose to take part. There’s always hope,



  2. Apple blossoms, trees and pies…lead to little children’s sighs. 😉 Mine, too. You got me hankering for childhood. Suppose you will all month. Thank you, dear friend.

    Brenda, I know that you must know that myths, like stories, have a beginning, middle, and end. It made sense to start with the child and what forms her. Just hope she can make it to adulthood in thirty days or less, lol. Thanks for sticking with me…I used to make apple cider, it was a sticky sweet undertaking. Hope this will be as well,



  3. Sherry Marr says:

    How richly I am enjoying this series, my friend. Absolutely beautiful, and a way cool idea to get you through the month of April in high style!

    Oh Sherry, had to laugh at your comment. I’m breaking all the rules right now, and scared shitless (excuse my North Wisconsin hillbilly twang, please). We have been friends long enough for you to know that ‘high style’ has never been my long suit. Like you, stretchy jeans and big t shirts are most of what I possess and definitely prefer. But seeing your smiling encouraging face might get me through this month. Thank you, my friend.



  4. Sherry Marr says:

    p.s. You reminded me of that old song, that I had forgotten. Sigh.

    Sherry, I think that makes us of a “certain age”, lol. I know we used to try to make up our own verses because it was a good song for harmonizing. We’d end up laughing ourselves silly. Thanks for reminding me of that.



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