Song In My Soul

For The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #200

umbrella, river, hopeless, petals, post, uncut,
yearning, delicate, tiny, perched, blue, until

And for Poets United: Poetry Pantry #240

8-14-09  Blooming Blue

Song In My Soul

Live beneath an umbrella
of hope, though never really
possessed one. Purchased
a few, perched in closet,
forgotten until I was caught,
cold and blue, in deluge
of driving rain.

My hope is an uncut yearning,
constantly moving river of tiny
delicate petals posted upon ever
reaching branches of my soul.
Always and forever telling me,

“There is more, there is more,
there is sooo much more.”

Elizabeth Crawford  2/22/15

Notes: This one gave me a problem even though the first line was there before I finished reading the list. And the rest of the first stanza fell into place quite quickly. I think it was the word perched that did me in because I found myself writing about songbirds singing in my soul and I am certainly not Emily Dickinson, even though I admire what she did so well. When I switched the perched for posted, it felt a bit more mine, but I’ll thank Emily anyway.

Image is a pen and ink drawing put through the kaleidoscope app and then colored with fine art pens in India Ink.

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22 Responses to Song In My Soul

  1. oldegg says:

    Perhaps if your umbrella had a pattern like the image you posted you would never forget it! The second verse is beautiful; we should should always strive for that “so much more”.


  2. Gillena Cox says:

    that’s the corollary of hope isnt it? “so much more”
    A wonderful Sunday to you

    much love,


  3. jae rose says:

    I always found Emily Dickinson a little too ethereal…trying to catch rain indoors with a paper umbrella..perhaps we need to go outside..get drenched..caught unawares…that is feeling alive maybe..and yes…hopefully there is soo much more…peaceful Sunday to you Elizabeth


  4. To me umbrellas are never with you when you need them. Better with a raincoat actually. Love the contrast between the first and second stanza.


  5. Sumana Roy says:

    deluge of driving rain is too much for an umbrella but who knows there is so much more…wonderfully put…


  6. there is so much more.. so true 🙂 always yearning, looking for more.


  7. wolfsrosebud says:

    i like the movement of that river


  8. brian miller says:

    i tend to agree, they are never there when you need them…but i guess too that is because we never expect the rain…or think to take our umbrellas with us….and tht works with the metaphor as well…we dont expect bad things to happen to us…


  9. Mary says:

    I really like your metaphoric second stanza! And, ha, I agree with the last two lines. There IS always so much more! Happy Sunday, Elizabeth.


  10. The wordle words are just a jumping off point – they sometimes have minds of their own! I like your poem, and I too have umbrellas like that, never there when needed!


  11. Suyash_J says:

    ah there is so much more that this sou has to offer


  12. glmeisner says:

    Great poem, you took the prompt beyond it.


  13. “My hope is an uncut yearning” – how that line speaks to me. This is beautiful, Elizabeth. I agree, “there is more, there is more, there is so much more….”


  14. Just beautiful….’delicate petals posted upon ever reaching branches of my soul’


  15. humbird says:

    Oh, it’s very delicate poem. I love esp. ‘ ever
    reaching branches of my soul.’ ~ The picture so neat. Enjoyed much.


  16. malia craig says:

    music is our inner body,
    love in our soul,
    that’s essential to our life.


  17. totomai says:

    umbrellas can be a source of comfort during storms. great metaphot for hope.


  18. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    I think it’s lovely.


  19. Misky says:

    A lovely poem, Elizabeth. And I rarely leave home without my umbrella. It’s just part of where I live. 🙂


  20. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    “My Hope Is an Uncut Yearning”—sounds like it could be the title of a bestseller to me! 😉


  21. Pamela says:

    Never forget the umbrella. I like this a lot, Elizabeth. I have finally got a breath to go round and read. A hard week this was.

    Pamela ox


  22. C.C. says:

    The refrain at the end sounds lyrical…almost like the rhythm of the falling rain 😉


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