Stone Weight

For The Sunday Whirl writing prompt: Wordle #199

empty, held, memory, saintly, crack, track,
wrestle, pebbles, cue, act, science, angel

2-18-2012  Nesting

Stone Weight

It’s not science, you know.
I wasn’t saintly, not even close
to being an angel.

There’s a wide crack; graveled
path in my memory track,
jam-packed with boulders
of all sizes held in place
by ever smaller pebbles.

Times when I wrestled
with anger and hate
choosing not to act
on the violence those feelings
lusted after.

Suppose I could have dumped
a truck-load of cement over all
of it, smoothed it over
with trowels of forgetfulness.

Instead, they have become a cue,
reminding me of a way in which
I never wish to go, and what I would
never want to be, or to become.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/14/15

Notes: This one started whispering when I read the words the first time. Love it when that happens. I used all of the words, but changed empty to dump simply because it sounded better. Struggled a bit with the final stanza because the word cue didn’t seem to keep the tone I had started with. Just because it was easier than most, doesn’t mean I don’t fight with the words in my own fashion, lol.

Image is a kaleidoscope made from a much smaller pen and ink doodle and was then colored with coloring pencils, then switched back to the softer color of stone. One of my favorites because it showed me a great many things I could do with just a click of my mouse.

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11 Responses to Stone Weight

  1. oldegg says:

    I wish my muse would whisper to me as she has done so well with you this week. She tends to push me around a lot!


  2. jae rose says:

    For some reason I thought of the yellow brick road…how you have to keep going and find a path forward rather than spending time repairing it or changing it…to be cemented is never good…far wiser to be a collection of pebbles all held together as part of who we are…peaceful Sunday to you


  3. drpkp says:

    oh! “trowels of forgetfulness” that image will stay – beautiful piece


  4. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    If ever you figure out where to get one of those trowels of forgetfulness, please do let me know! 😉

    Replay: To Double Your Whirling Pleasure


  5. Your image complements your words beautifully. I keep reading your poem and looking back up at the image. I love “trowels of forgetfulness” and your second stanza especially.


  6. C.C. says:

    This is gorgeous….the way your muse works for you in process, the message of your words, and the stunning image you’ve created to accompany this 🙂


  7. We can smooth things over as if they never happened, but that only makes it easy to delude ourselves. Sometimes it’s best to leave the reminder of where nature would take us if we didn’t exert some guidance on ourselves.


  8. A fabulous image and poem, my friend. Wowzers!


  9. Lovely images. Yes, I, too, had a “Wow!” reaction to your “trowels of forgetfulness’


  10. Quite a lesson here. It’s a lot of work, troweling over all those memories.


  11. megzone says:

    a lovely poem and an apt fitting image!!


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