The Art of Active Meditation

For the Sunday Whirl writing prompt: Wordle #198

instill, fill, burst, tumble, glass, sound,
clown, fleece, another, wound, emit, seal

And for Poets United: Poetry Pantry #238


Art of Active Meditation

Forgot how the colors can instill
a burst of soft, fleece-like meditation.

How just their names: Muted Turquoise,
Teal Blue, Shell, Light Aqua, and Burnt Ochre
can emit a tumble of emotions
that carry me swiftly through map
of years from grievous childhood
wound to sounds of clumsy clown
laughter spilled over a glass of wine.

As fingers, wrapped round pen, rhythmically
fill white spaces between lines with differing
hues which swiftly become key that breaks
the seal on a poem waiting to be written,
or another world that was thought to be forgotten.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/7/15

Notes: Been a while since I did any coloring. Downloaded the wordlist and let it sit for a while. It’s been a hectic and stressful few weeks and my mind was running around in circles until I remembered how soothing coloring can be. Hunted up my pens and printed out this template made from yet another template put through the kaleidoscope app. It’s more intricate then others I’ve done, but I wanted something that would demand my attention and concentration. It will be a while before I finish it, but I had truly forgotten how swiftly this form of active meditation can move in to center ones mind and even the emotions. When I took a break and finally pulled up the word list, the poem sort of wrote itself, almost as a continuation of that meditative state of being.

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21 Responses to The Art of Active Meditation

  1. oldegg says:

    How beautifully you have done it. Well both in fact with the poem as well of course!


  2. Jae Rose says:

    I am always impressed by your ability to focus, distract, be positive…i slip straight to the wine…but know how important it is..busy hands can calm a busy head…maybe it’s all about daring to feel better (in my case at least)…i hope your week is less stressful..


  3. claudia says:

    oh wow… colors & also patterns sure have that soothing thing about them… i have to confess that i’m not the most patient person – so coloring that pattern would be a really big challenge for me… you did beautiful…


  4. The creation of life in a pattern through those beautifully named colors is such a nice thing to get focus. Like many other such activities I lack the patience, but I can see how it can be good..


  5. brian miller says:

    ah you had fun….anything can be a meditation you know…even washing dishes can be a meditation…it is fun though to get lost in art…particularly the repetitions of those tesselations….and finding patterns….


  6. wolfsrosebud says:

    anyone can be an artist when coloring… it’s like watching fish swim… soothing


  7. Suyash_J says:

    that was such a lovely take on the words !! Well written


  8. Mary says:

    Nice, I think that whenever a person finds something that they can truly concentrate on, something that removes them from the problems of today and takes them to a deeper & peaceful space, it is a good thing! I am glad you are getting back to this again, Elizabeth.


  9. Misky says:

    From one art form to another! How lovely, Elizabeth.


  10. Active meditation sounds like something I could have a go at! I love your use of colours in the poem. Their names alone are exciting, yet alone the sight of them.


  11. It’s true, coloring can be so peaceful, soothing and meditative, and the intricate patterns you use must make that be even more true. I remember coloring to try to stay sane, when I was married. I love the remembering of “another world that was thought to be forgotten”:


  12. susan says:

    Nice, this stirs memories. I don’t have patience, but this slows me into meditation. I like what you do with the names od colors.


  13. annell4 says:

    …and produced a wonderful piece!! I love your write this week! I am sending best wishes your way, hugs!


  14. Pamela says:

    Elizabeth, this poem has a very liberating feel to it. I love the template as well.



  15. ZQ says:

    Well done!


  16. I find that same meditation when I am out gardening lost in the act of something I love….


  17. I like the explanation of the process nearly as much as the poem and artwork. 🙂


  18. C.C. says:

    I’ve heard of this intricate form of coloring as one that is useful for meditation and calming an anxious mind but I’ve not tried it. Looks challenging, but beautiful too. Reminds me of the spirograph toy I used to spend hours with in childhood. You describe this form of meditation well in your poem and it entices me to want to try it out sometime.


  19. kaykuala h says:

    the seal on a poem waiting to be written,
    or another world that was thought to be forgotten.

    A lot of anticipation on how colors can lift up one’s feel for the good things in life! Wonderful lines Elizabeth!



  20. glmeisner says:

    Mandala are very useful for meditation and for art.


  21. Watch a child quietly meditate on their coloring book. I remember that age 6 peaceful time so long ago. Was important to color within the lines. It was necessary and comforting to me. I am that same person today, age 80, who writes most of my poems within a strict form. We are probably born that way, don’t you think?


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