Metaphorically Speaking

For The Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: wordle #187

tends, sex, yields, palate, toasty,
fresh, soul, lingering, subtle, mix, hints


Metaphorically Speaking

Writing poems can be a bit like having sex
with a stranger. Words tend to emit
a mixture of lingering effects. Some
might suggest a one time toasty hot
encounter, while others hint at a deeper,
more subtle and lingering relationship.

Dependent on the poet’s palate and personal
choice, the subsequent result could yield
fresh, new, and invigorating purpose,
or might bring about a life altering, soul
shattering moment of utter awareness. Either
outcome remains contingent upon the poet’s

continued willingness to fully participate
in her own seduction.

Elizabeth Crawford  11/16/14


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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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13 Responses to Metaphorically Speaking

  1. oldegg says:

    That is poet’s luck, as the reader knows not whether the words come from experience or desire. So it’s agreed, we’ll keep the readers guessing?


  2. drpkp says:

    Absolutely crisp and clever


  3. annell4 says:

    I love it….created wonderful metaphor for writing, sex with a stranger.


  4. Sabra Bowers says:

    I like your choice of an apple. Words can have a lingering affect.


  5. peach blossom moth says:

    “contingent upon the poet’s
    continued willingness to fully participate
    in her own seduction”

    Your ending is fantastic!


  6. Wonderfully thoughtful. Effects rather than affects!


  7. Jae Rose says:

    Oh, I love that last thought – love it all…a woman in possession of her body and her words is a strong woman indeed


  8. Oh this is brilliant, especially your closing lines. Wowzers, Elizabeth!


  9. I like that. Very much.
    Such a different and special twist on the words, a great take on a poem.
    So true that:
    “Writing poems can be a bit like having sex…”
    which is true enough, but then you add:
    “with a stranger.”
    which took my breath away because as we write,
    we don’t know the other person – that which is forming from us – we discover
    that person as the words flow and ebb,
    like a relationship which builds, and we risk
    more of ourselves with it.


  10. C.C. says:

    What an extremely clever direction to take with the prompt words…..and the crisp image of the apple perfectly offsets themes of temptation in your post.


  11. Poet Laundry says:

    I agree, clever angle! Enjoyed your wordle!


  12. Misky says:

    Cleverly done, Elizabeth.


  13. totomai says:

    and i liked the way you have apple as the image – it symbolizes temptation. great metaphor…

    you can play with some of my photos 🙂


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