In Defense of Dragons

For 1sojournal NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #27: Day 27

dragons, course, become, compass, sail, soul
padded, lock, hides, deepening, conquer, definitions

And for The Sunday Whirl prompt: Wordle #158

leave, cheat, chew, branch, channel, beastly
few, cancer, release, speak, become, beading



In Defense of Dragons

Dragons may chew rocks,
channel smoke and fire,
appear somewhat beastly,
with scaly hides, leathery wings
that set a swift course
like needle on a compass
locked onto one destination.

They are not some cancerous outgrowth
of that snake wrapped round a branch
in ancient garden, who offered woman
apple beaded with deepening lies
intended to cheat her of soul.

Dragons speak of releasing truth,
teaching few who would listen
to conquer dread and doubt padded
with falsely learned definitions.
Fearlessly sail sea of imagination,
leaving treasure trove of glittering
information about how to become
one with self and soul and whatever
else was originally intended.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/27/14

Notes: I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three days and writing about dragons. But, am also aware that dragons have gotten a rather bad rap in Western mythology, often seen as fire breathing destroyers and in need of being slain. In Eastern mythology dragons are often seen as both benevolent and benign beings. In this piece, you get a closer look at my own construct and ideas about these creatures, gained through reading, studying lore, psychology, and mythology, as well as symbolism. I created a Personal Mythology many years ago while trying to learn meditation techniques that would help me relax and refuel. Eventually, the dragons began to appear and became a part of that Mythology. Later, as a free lance writing instructor, I even taught individuals how to meet and get to know their own dragons. I also used the movie Dragonheart, with Dennis Quaid, as a means of seeing the dragons in a different light. In the movie (1996?), Sean Connery is the voice of the dragon Draco. I would dare anyone not to like his portrayal. Yesterday, I wrote out a dialogue I had with one of my own dragons. Was sort of stumped about what to do for today’s poem and the wordlist for The Sunday Whirl, let alone my own list of words from 1sojournal. I decided to go with a few words from each list, and was surprised when I used all of them. I really do like dragons. The image is another coloring page I colored with artists pens.






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18 Responses to In Defense of Dragons

  1. A comprehensive rundown on your relationship with these mythical animals. Your third stanza completely changed my conventional view of them. Back to Puff!


  2. Jae Rose says:

    Beautiful words and colours Elizabeth..majestic and strong..made me think of a book I read where the dragon guided the main character safely on their mission..I suppose ‘monster’ is open to interpretation..I suspect we know many people who would certainly fit the bill..if a guide comes to lift us out of the darkness it doesn’t matter what form they take as long as they keep us safe (interesting about Draco as well – do you think JK Rowling get the name from there)..


  3. Stanski says:

    I missed the dragons, you make me wish I hadn’t… nice combination.


  4. CC Champagne says:

    It is quite fascinating to first read Brenda Warren’s take both on the Sunday Whirl and dragons and then move directly on to reading yours. Inspired!


  5. drpkp says:

    Delightful 🙂


  6. julespaige says:

    I think if I had an inner dragon, she would be part frog. 🙂
    I liked what you wrote today. And your notes did make me curious to see your dragon conversation.
    Thanks for your lists – I know one more. I have enjoyed them all.


  7. oldegg says:

    I like to think dragons were invented to satisfy our needs for a mythical beast that was fair but ruthless…so just behave! Sadly mankind just wants to kill everything.


  8. Your dragon is more beneficial than the one that rose up in my piece. Thank you for shedding light on dragon beneficence. Your final stanza is intriguing. That blue dragon is nudging me now, asking me to wake up. 😉


  9. Laurie Kolp says:

    I like your take on dragons, Elizabeth.


  10. Sabra Bowers says:

    So glad you wrote notes. I will look for Dragonheart on Netflix. Love your last stanza. I shall pay attention to dragons. 🙂


  11. annell4 says:

    I like dragons, and was glad you added the word to the list!


  12. I like this piece and your insight into dragon mythology. The colors are nice, too!


  13. sweettalkingguy says:

    I think you really do like dragons. Nicely!


  14. I love the thought of dragons being good.. maybe both kinds exist…


  15. Pamela says:

    Elizabeth, I love what you have done with the words to create this striking write about the all too often feared or hated dragon. I also love that movie, and yes, I agree, anyone with half a heart would fall in love with Sean Connery’s voice being used as Draco’s voice. Draco even had Sean’s facial expressions. Excellent work, ny friend.

    Pamela ox


  16. humbird says:

    O, how interesting! I love the poem and thanks for the notes 🙂


  17. Cathy says:

    Very interesting poem and yes, the dragons have a bad rap.


  18. Mama Pajama says:

    really fun! I like the words, and the image.


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