Interrupted Flight

For 1sojournal NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #24: Day 24

hawks, similar, own, undivided, example, color
chosen, focus, season, difficult human, missive,


Interrupted Flight

With ruffled feathers,
like a hawk, she peers
fiercely down from perch
at front of classroom.

Rustling paper from last
row draws her attention.
Pulled like a magnet,
she prepares to pounce.

Soft shy smile of latest
fledgling stops her startled
descent, as he offers her
polished red apple.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/24/14

Notes: Caught up in the poem a day challenge and a bit of illness, I lost track of the fact that this is supposed to be fun. Wordles have a strange affect on me. Too often, I find myself struggling with the words and the desire to use all of them. Someone recently reminded me that is not the purpose of a word list. The only purpose is to hopefully supply inspiration that will result in a coherent piece. Which means I am free to use all or none, and sometimes only one of the words listed. Once reminded, this piece came quickly and easily, and was also fun. Thanks Brenda. The image is from the internet.


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1 Response to Interrupted Flight

  1. And I love the result! Can see the student’s shy smile.


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