A Bit Of Word Play

For 1sojournal NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #18: Day 18

incapable, harmony, prefer, ragged, write
damaged, sacred, allow, women, path


A Bit Of Word Play

Are we incapable of creating
a path where women are allowed
to be sacred? Sacred as it was
originally meant: separated, set apart
for God’s purpose, not man’s.

Are we all so damaged that we prefer
this ragged-edged reality to even
a modicum of harmony? Harmony
as it was originally meant: a fitting
together (into God’s plan, not man’s).

Perhaps it is time to speak of one original
meaning for the word write: to tear
(ourselves away from man’s interpretation,
not God‘s original meanings).

Elizabeth Crawford  4/18/14

Notes: I do love to play with words, their meanings, and the history of how they evolved, often finding inspiration in doing so. After writing the first verse, I was stumped as to where to take this piece, almost leaving the first verse as the whole of it. Then looked up the meaning of harmony and the rest, as they say, is History, or Herstory, whichever you prefer. The image is one of my original pen and ink line weave drawings and has always reminded me of the music and harmony that may be found in relationship. The background for the image was digitally manipulated.



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4 Responses to A Bit Of Word Play

  1. It is not surprising that my thoughts have been on the sacred feminine recently, too……..I smiled as I read this. The more I know about what is going on, the more I believe we need a millennium of women making the decisions in order to survive at all.

    Although I understand where you are coming from my friend, I think I would prefer a group, equally divided, of both men and women who have earned and learned to respect one another for the varied gifts they bring to the table.



  2. Pamela says:

    Nicely written poem, Elizabeth. I believe I am on the path now.

    Pamela ox


  3. Yes! Given men with sensitivity and raised consciousnesses, that would be even better, kiddo!


  4. Yes, there has to be a balance of power or there would simply be a flipside of injustice. The problems start when gender is confused with sex. And Elizabeth’s word “respect” is crucial.


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