Out On A Limb

For The Sunday Whirl poetry prompt: Wordle #155

barrier, detail, diamond, pleat, power, strap,
swing, suspend, tough, unit, waterfall, zip

And for 1sojournal NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #6: Day 6

gap, erosion, another, space, clear, tilting,
lover, dare, concept, pulsating

crappy clouds

Out On A Limb

A gap in thinking process
could be called a barrier.
Small missing detail might tilt
answers, suspend reaching power
to otherwise clear concept.

Dare to erode tough peak
of connection, like dulled
diamond point unable to pass
through pleated fabric, much
less cut glass.

In another brighter space, one unit
of correction may create
waterfall of pulsating ideas,
swing strapped thinking toward
lovely zipped up, ribbon-tied
package of brilliant completion.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/6/14

Note: Although this is almost twice the number of usual words (combination of two prompts), this piece came together somewhat easily. I am grateful for that because it reminded me of the process of writing a poem, or any creative endeavor. Shortly after completing it yesterday, I discovered that one of my former students had passed away. We had recently reconnected after several years of going our separate ways. She had sent me her first book of poetry and I had invited her to partake in the online poetry community, which she did. I wasn’t sure about posting at all today. It seemed too much like “business as usual”, if you know what I mean.  However, when I reread this piece, I was reminded of Denise. How, when she started with me, she was writing short stories about her family, stories she had been told or overheard. Many of those eventually became poems and some of them worked their way into her book, Spotted Overcoat: Poetry on the Lam. Yesterday, I posted a memorial in her honor. Today’s poem is a completion of that process.

The image is a digital painting I did, that was then finished off by a friend who has more apps on her Photoshop than I have on mine. Although I am more than grateful for all of the condolences and sympathies you have extended, I would like to remind each of you that this poem was written before I discovered that Denise had passed away. For me, it was simply another piece of synchronicity telling me that I am in the right place, doing the right thing, and have been for some time.




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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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20 Responses to Out On A Limb

  1. jae rose says:

    Those ribboned tied packages are wonderful..and a gift back perhaps..a fitting way to be remembered


  2. The opening two lines did it for me.


  3. oldegg says:

    I think she would be proud the time she spent with you. A great package especially at the end.


  4. brian miller says:

    oh i am so sorry on the loss of your student….
    and i am glad too that this reminded you of her….


  5. To loose a friend, a student… so sad… I marvel at how you managed to use so many words and still make it flow so flawlessly…


  6. Mary says:

    The thinking process is indeed complex. Your first stanza really resonates with me. I am sorry about the loss of your student/friend. I had read, but not commented, your other poem. Glad she was able to write her books which will continue to live on…..


  7. This is a well done piece. There is obviously no barrier in your thinking process.

    Belva, each week I try to leave a comment at your site, but run into issues with Google. I really like your piece this week about getting free of abuse and finding freedom. I fully understand that delicious ‘fear’,



  8. kaykuala says:

    Amazing that connecting with ex-students can be taken at a very personal level for professional matters. It says a lot for a great relationship. She wold have been proud Elizabeth!



  9. Sabra Bowers says:

    Sorry for your loss, Elizabeth. I know she would be grateful for your memorial of words. I, like others, really like your first verse. Well wordled…both.


  10. annell4 says:

    I loved those final words, package of brilliant completion….would that we each be. Wonderful write!


  11. I am so sorry about the loss of your student. Hugs to you and I think your student would be proud of your piece–


  12. Geeta Nair says:

    A wonderful piece of poetry.


  13. it’s really brilliant, can find many things in it…


  14. Sumana Roy says:

    so sorry for your loss….the last lines beutifully depict the relationship….a great close….


  15. b_young says:

    I do like that beginning.
    Loss, on the heels of reconnection. There’s always more to the story, though.


  16. You honor your student and friend, Elizabeth. This is a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing so freely of yourself.


  17. I love those closing lines which make me think of her life: which sounds very much like a brilliant completion. So sorry , Elizabeth – but it is so good you had reconnected again. That happened with me and an old school friend – we had only recently reconnected when he died and it was a shock, as we had had so little time. She sounds like a wonderful woman. Thanks for telling us about her.


  18. McGuffy Ann says:

    A beautiful closing for a beautifully written poem.


  19. Andy Sewina says:

    Great memorial, and I like the way you joined the two prompts so seamlessly.


  20. This is a lovely piece of writing, Elizabeth. I am sorry to hear about your friend’s passing.


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