At The End of The Rainbow (for JaeRose)

Because you asked:

At The End of The Rainbow (for JaeRose)

Honey, you returned the photo:
rainbow stretched across steel-blue sky,
digging itself into rocky ridge
burnished bright gold by setting sun.

For years we chased down back country roads:
blacktopped, graveled, interstate highways
stretched between Wisconsin and Montana
(we always did take the long way home).

When you first lived in my home,
you chased down a June bug
drawn by light from living room lamp.
Large strong hands carried it outside,
releasing it.

Remember that long ago evening,
after capturing end of rainbow, greedy,
we thought also to grab the sunset.

You were driving when antelope raced
across roadway, its eyes startled
to round whiteness as you maneuvered
around death for all three of us.

Yesterday, large strong hands broke through
locked back door, trying to take by force
what had always been freely given.

Antelope eyes stare from my mirror.
Can hear creak of broken back door
unwillingly chased by Autumn winds,
far too late in the year to tempt
light seeking June bugs.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/18/14
Originally published in chapbook titled Splitting Darkness…1999

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4 Responses to At The End of The Rainbow (for JaeRose)

  1. jae rose says:

    Thank you Elizabeth..certainly not gold but I sense there may have been a treasure once they more chasing..repairing..carrying out bugs with small hands..a well earnt strength inside..thank you for sharing..and everything else


  2. Wow! What a powerhouse of a poem. I saw it all so clearly – the antelope’s eyes – and then again those eyes looking back from the mirror – can see the broken back door. “Trying to take by force what always was freely given.” I so understand that line. The end of the rainbow, then greedy for sunset…..the golden tint of those past long gone days……..a fabulous write, my friend. If you keep doing this, I will never get to another poet for my Poems of the Week!!!!!


  3. Pamela says:

    A very visual piece of writing, Elizabeth. There is much for me to relate to in this poem. Beautiful.



  4. oldegg says:

    How poignant this is. I am sure we all hold memories like this within us.


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