Inside Out

For We Write Poems poetry prompt #203: Shell

Feathered M BB Joan 2a

Inside Out

Fortune cookie said, “Your life
is a bold and daring adventure.”
I laughed.

Sidelined by an injury formed
before birth, existence now
is a limping shell of stillness

held up by a narrow wooden cane.
Easy movement is nothing more
than finely penned memories

sailing on an inky splash in this
constantly changing sea of words
that has become my daily nurture,

my boldly pulsating chrysalis
that allows me to  chase around
the world with a daringly swift

adventuresome click of one finger.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/7/14

Notes: Biographical and true. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t have occasion to be grateful to that much younger woman, I was, for choosing this life of words that has become our living, breathing future. I’m still laughing because the fortune cookie was oh so right. Image is an inverted colored mandala with a digitalized background. The mandala was one of a series created by Marc Bove (who lives and works in France) and there is a link to his site in the Mandala Galleries located beneath the banner on this site. He draws and I color.

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3 Responses to Inside Out

  1. I love this, my friend. For me, too, writing this “sea of words
    …….. has become my daily nurture,” Love the wording you chose for this…..especially the chrysalis!


  2. Amen! I love the last two stanzas, especially. The mandala is also beautiful…the design looks a little like Southwestern Native American artwork (I used to see designs like that when I was a little girl in New Mexico and Arizona).



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