“Love Loves Difficult Things”

Reposted  11/30/16  For Creativity Challenge Day 10: Voice

For We Write Poems poetry prompt #201: 1000 Birds


Love Loves Difficult Things

I hear and I forget.
I see and understand.
I do and I become.
Found in a fortune cookie

God gathered all of the hawks,
from kestrels to harriers and falcons,
on a tree covered hillside
where they might perch in limbs
high and low to listen.

God spoke: I have chosen you
to be my messengers because
my human creations find it hard
to sit still and listen for that quiet
voice that calls from within their souls.

Yet, they continue to seek wholeness
outside themselves in things, causes,
issues, and others whose  faces
are similar to their own.

You, with your keen eyes, swift
wings, sharp talons and beaks,
and fierce spirits, might catch
their attention with your piercing
calls and undivided focus.

No wings moved through the trees
as the hawks, large and small,
fierce with focus, leaned in to listen.

From a barren branch high on the hill
gnarled voice of an old gray gyrfalcon called,
“But we can not speak to these creatures.
We do not share the same language.”

And God replied, Yes, I know that.
You will share your message through
example. Simply by being who you
truly are.

The old falcon asked, “But what of all
your other creatures? The furred and four
legged, butterflies, insects?  All the other
birds that fly, swoop, and sing in celebration
of their existence? Should they not be your
messengers as well?”

As they are and will always be. Each day
I meet with different ones, explaining
their purpose and message:

The cardinal with its blood color
is a reminder that sacred creative
fire burns no matter the season.

The deer with its tender spirit
speaks of being gentle, especially
toward oneself.

Friend of the night, the owl helps
one see that there will always be
light somewhere in the darkness.

The four wings of a butterfly
carry a message of four steps
in growth toward transformation.

Loyalty is the dog’s missive, just
as building is the beaver’s, and transmutation
belongs to the snake that sheds its skin,
renewing itself periodically.

“And will they hear your message?”

God smiled and said, Some always have:
the poets, painters, musicians, sculptors,
and the like. They, in turn, express it in
their art, becoming yet another message.

The hawks nodded in understanding.
Small blue and brown kestrel leaned forward
with a frown, “Sounds like a lot of trouble
to send a message to creatures slow to hear it,
let alone, to understand.”

Yes, it (they) can be difficult at times. But,
I created them that way. I am God.
Which means I am love, and love
especially loves difficult things.

Elizabeth Crawford 2/20/14

Process Notes: The title comes from Neil’s prompt and is a quote from Peter Sis in his book A Conference of The Birds (a translation of an ancient Persian poem) which was the basis for Neil’s prompt. The fortune cookie came two days ago and I knew while reading it, that I’d need it soon, so wrote it down. My only thought when I began to read Neil’s prompt was “Oh no, here we go again. Neil wants us out on that limb, again.” But, as I continued to read, the above scenario began to form in my mind…God explaining His message to be found in all of Creation. Finished reading, I pulled up Word and began typing, thinking I was just making some notes. Didn’t stop until the whole of it was completed. Thinking this one has been in the back forty for a while just waiting for the right nudge. Thank you Neil and that limb you seem to live on.
I love making myth and this is definitely a mythos piece. I don’t do this near enough. The image is another of my digital paintings done several years ago.

There is a song that goes with it. Hope you enjoy:

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30 Responses to “Love Loves Difficult Things”

  1. Thank you for the song, which I hadn’t come across before. But most of all, thank you for your wonderful poem – right up there with the Call, the best of your writing,- may I keep it to re-read?


  2. michael says:

    an absolutely enjoyable myth to read, now if only we could learn to listen and apply …


  3. Irene says:

    Yes you don’t. You’re a weaver of animal mythology stories, Elizabeth.


  4. I loved that conversation. A bit like eavesdropping. Beautifully expressed.


  5. My very all time favourite of yours, my friend. It is beautiful, and full of birds, with a great message – just the way I love my favourite poems!


  6. and the ending… I can hear God chuckle his long suffering chuckle but He is also a God of justice – man should beware.


  7. neil reid says:

    thank you Elizabeth. for listening. for having heart to make it your own. and you did, beautifully.

    it’s like throwing skipping stones upon the water, you probably know, writing prompts – and wanting to do so in a way that might become meaningfull to someone listening. and I never know the result to be when the stone leaves my hand. never. sometimes think surely I’ve done it wrong. how does one say or write what comes clear as blue sky in an instant, yet takes so many words, trying, to express? and that’s why the quote as well. good to remember most any day.

    myth, me too, and many of the strongest, most viseral images I’ve ever read come in clothes that could be called “mythic”, each in their own way. E. Galeano, Gilgamesh, even Terry Tempest Williams – just off the top that stay with me.

    how the stories are told makes such difference too, obviously. I lean to stories that speak simple images, seems most rightly dressed to how I perceive and understand, which your poem here does with such good ample example. and we repeat, because yes, we forget and need to continually refresh ourselves.

    again, my thanks Elizabeth. you make me worthwhile – if you know what I mean. ~neil


  8. Pamela says:

    Elizabeth, this is an outstanding piece of writing. I has helped ease my troubled soul, thank you for writing this.

    Pamela ox
    p.s. I wanted to talk last night, but my phone was off “again” two nights in a row. I am changing my service to another company today. My number will still be the same.


  9. Pamela says:

    *It has helped*


  10. Anand says:

    I’ve got to say it is the best poem I’ve read today. A great blend of story telling, facts and imagination. I loved the conversation between God and the falcon and how in the end you speak about poets and artists. I accept your view that every creature around gives us a message. I am an atheist but couldn’t help loving this work. Kudos


  11. Brian Miller says:

    nice…i agree with the premise of this…that there is a lot we can learn from nature and in the watching….very well constructed elizabeth….and that love loves even and maybe especially when it is hard…


  12. Mary says:

    Such beautiful messages in this poem, Elizabeth. You are a myth writer par excellence & write with wisdom that we all can savor and learn from. This is one of my favorite parts:

    And God replied, Yes, I know that.
    You will share your message through
    example. Simply by being who you
    truly are.

    I think this is a wonderful message that we all can heed. We can watch creatures of nature being who they really are and appreciate it; plus then turn and look at humankind and appreciate each for who he/she is too….without wanting anything about them to be different!!


  13. Sumana Roy says:

    A wonderful myth-maker you are….love the conversation and the deep message it conveys…


  14. Deep in its wisdom and layered in its vivid epic-ness, Elizabeth. This is a true gem. I love the first of what God says. Beautiful work!


  15. How arrogant we humans can be…God speaks to the rest of Creation and informs it with His message. Your poem is filled with the wisdom and patience of that Creation. Yet, as difficult as stubborn as we are, God is still patient with us and reaches out to us.



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  19. scotthastiepoet says:

    Hi Elizabeth: Yes: “love
    especially loves difficult things.” There is a kernel of serious truth here… Powerful write.. With Best Wishes Scott http://www.scotthastie.com


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  21. This is my very favorite of your poems, my friend. It is gloriously wonderful.


  22. Sherry Marr says:

    I was so pleased to r4ead this beautiful piece again. It is one of my favourites of yours, of all time……….so gorgeous. I especially am delighted with “Love especially loves difficult things.” God knows, humans are difficult, LOL. Thanks for the treat of reading this again, my friend.


  23. pmwanken says:

    Isn’t it great to read and re-read our favorites (as Sherry commented above). Reposting an older poem also gives people like me to read a gem I’d missed the first time around!


  24. Sumana Roy says:

    reading for the second time and feeling wonderful, “fierce with focus, leaned in to listen.” 🙂


  25. Sherry Marr says:

    This has always been one of my most favourite poems of yours, Elizabeth. Love loves difficult things, and it is good that it does, for heaven knows, humans are difficult.


  26. Susan says:

    I love the choice of bird for focus. I thought iit might be better as a cat, but cats are almost too grounded. But seeing this good inside a bird I’ve thought of as simply a predator can also be transfewrred to humans. Thank you.

    Susan, all birds are symbols of spiritual messengers because they move between earth and heavens. Each message is particular to the coloring or characteristics of the individual species of bird. The message of the Hawk is “to remember who you truly are.”


  27. This is a beautiful piece, Elizabeth. The hawk’s focus is enviable. I kept returning to it as I read. With that type of focus we can make a difference. It must be so. It’s nice to be writing again, my friend, and I thank you for your continued inspiration. Focus. Like the hawk. ❤


  28. Sherry Marr says:

    I think this is my most favourite of your poems. I love it anew each time I read it. I love – and believe – the creatures are messengers. Humans are just taking WAY too long to hear them. I hope they all wont be gone by the time we start to listen.


  29. Still a favourite. I must say, love is facing great challenges at the moment.


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