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For We Write Poems poetry prompt:  We Wordle #6

wewordle #6


The Poets Consortium

Robyn pulls nature’s edge closer to Annell’s
door which rises well before daylight,

while Barbara dyes spikes in a line around place
where Jules crunches nests of nothing but frost.

Misky escapes it all by throwing her spirit
at Debi, who falls forward in feelings of joy,

just in front of Marian, who has slept little
through the years.

Hannah’s green pebble number excites Janet
because she spells oceans with words of color,

even though Nicole sparks fire under skin
of all living things.

Last, but never least, Neil’s wind softly noses
wing of Irene’s sweet but limpid voice.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/10/14

Notes: Even though I didn’t partake in last week’s prompt (in a world of hurt), I really like playing with wordles. This week, the poet’s names were printed before the words chosen from their poems. It gave me the idea to use their names in the wordle, and to describe their actions, within the consortium, with those chosen words. The only word I actually altered was limped which I changed to limpid, meaning clear. I like having fun, it decreases awareness of the pain. No offense meant to anyone. The image is a digitally manipulated photograph of a bonfire. Figured it was appropriate because I see the spark of inspiration passed around the prompt circuit, often moving from one poet to another, while creating a beautiful sort of wholeness otherwise not known. But then had to go in search of a song to accompany it. There were several that came to mind, some sappy, while others were silly. I chose this one because it has a great deal of personal meaning and expresses what I hold to be true…that we write poetry because we, as very different individuals, all own a deep desire to be heard in a world that seldom listens.

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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11 Responses to The Poets Consortium

  1. annell4 says:

    What fun you had! And I enjoyed reading your words, I heard your voice, it seemed to be singing. Hope you feel better soon….oxxoxoxo


  2. Irene says:

    Oh that was a fun read. Hope you’re feeling ok. I’m feeling kind of uninspired. But maybe when we’re inspired to write we’re ok.


  3. Fun is right. I like your poem but this part of your explanation really struck me ” I see the spark of inspiration passed around the prompt circuit, often moving from one poet to another, while creating a beautiful sort of wholeness otherwise not known.” I think that is very true.


  4. rosross says:

    Very clever. 🙂


  5. julespaige says:

    I’ll have to come back to listen to the song. I do hope you recover from your hurt – sometimes our pain is not clearly seen. And you can always go back to prompts you missed… even if just for yourself. It is true to add to what has been said that we are I think a group that inspires each other. Thank you.


  6. The first thing I noticed when looking at the words was the reversal of the names first this week. I like how that inspired you into a poem! I don’t often see my name spelled with a “y”, so I was surprised right from the start and smiled the whole way through reading your poem!


  7. Misky says:

    (chuckling) Delightful and hugely fun to read. Thanks, Elizabeth!


  8. Jack says:

    “dyes spikes in a line”

    I thoroughly enjoy the long “i” flow here.

    Nice move on choosing “limpid.”


  9. I love the apt way you wove the names in….so sorry you are having pain, Elizabeth. Happy your creative muse soldiers on regardless!


  10. Kim Nelson says:

    Love the connection to so many in this online community!


  11. I LOVE this. A poem really and truly made out of us. A construction of community. I feel you were accurate with everybody. And at risk of sounding a bit prejudiced, I like your lines about me the best (can’t help but think of Pele when I read them, though :)).



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