Fire Starter

For We Write Poems poetry prompt #196: What’s Your Sign

burning bush final

Fire Starter

Words are matches
used to ignite
liquid fuel
to keep them burning.

Finds certain comfort
in fluttering flames
changing definitions
in details
of her dreams.

Strangers come
by light and warmth,
even when
she’d prefer
to be alone.

only add kindling
she keeps
in memory’s closet,
the better to build
future fires.

Smiles when she
imagines herself
no more than
smoke signals,
echoes of truth
on distant horizon.

burning bush finala

Elizabeth Crawford  1/16/14

Notes: Secret? The only real reward in being the prompter, rather than the prompted, is that one has some advance time to write to the given prompt. Or, that’s the way it should work. I had something prepared for this morning, but when I pulled it up, it seemed jumbled and confusing and I wasn’t at all pleased with it. But, that first verse slid into my thoughts and the rest of it (with a bit of struggle) fell into place. While writing it, the first image came to mind. It is a digital painting that I did a few years ago and came together while I was just messing with some colors. After writing the above, I took that original image and put it through the kaleidoscope app, and it immediately suggested the final verse. Gotta love how things come together.

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8 Responses to Fire Starter

  1. julespaige says:

    only add kindling
    she keeps
    in memory’s closet,
    the better to build
    future fires.’

    Keeps the creative juices flowing.
    Thanks for your kind words. We recreate to create or create to recreate.


  2. I love that first stanza and how it ties into the last. Aside from the prompt, I see this as true to writing poetry – igniting flames with our words and proclaiming truth that others can apprehend. Lovely work.


  3. Irene says:

    I like the idea of sending out smoke signals, Elizabeth.


  4. I always like reading the process notes on blogs. Now I can see the smoke signals in the photo. You just never know who might spark our memories and writing, loved ones and strangers can both do that!
    This was such a fun prompt – I would never have thought to write about my zodiac sign!


  5. Misky says:

    This is worth several readings. I’m going back for another dive into it.


  6. “Echoes of truth on distant horizon”…….I love that, Elizabeth. Your poetry is all about truth, always.


  7. Words can be smoke signals, can’t they. I feel you when you talk about fire — I’m a Leo (Western) and Dragon (Chinese) and I have sometimes felt on fire when channeling the muse.



  8. annell4 says:

    This is a beautiful piece!


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