For The Sunday Whirl writing prompt: Wordle #124

wordle #124

For Miz Quickly’s Learning Experience: TV Random


And for Poets United Poetry Pantry: #165


Scarred and gnarled,
willow still stands
feathery branches swaying in wind.

Lost in my own words,
I huddle beneath them
closed off from outside interference.

Mysterious worlds
come to inky fruition,
ideas sparked by singular intensity.

The heart of the glacier
melts doubt in scarlet wetness
shooting from pen.

Not easily broken
consciousness oiled by swift flowing
stream of words, I remain in creative hole

until all is finished.

Elizabeth Crawford  9/1/13

Notes: The first line of each stanza (in italics) is one of Miz Quickly’s randomly chosen tv shows taken from the TV guide. She suggested we use some or all of them to create a poem (Phradle poem). Had to try marrying them to the wordle words. Guess that means this is a
phradle wordle poem. Or maybe a phrawordle poem?

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24 Responses to Victorious

  1. Stan Ski says:

    Great combination of the prompts!


  2. Misky says:

    OH! Well done combining those two, Elizabeth. Loved this one.


  3. Mary says:

    Wow, Elizabeth…amazing how you accomplished wedding these two prompts together. Doing either one or the other is task enough!!


  4. brilliant combination of prompts!! I like this very much. I like the willow visual as I have a soft spot for willows.


  5. annell says:

    This does seem so hard and you did such a beautiful job!


  6. brenda w says:

    For me, this reads like the reverie the writing process can create. I love it. Beautiful work with these prompts.


  7. brian miller says:

    ha, very cool weaving…i like the last two stanzas in particular….the heart of the glacier melting and to lubricate consciousness and your being a hole until complete….cool lines…popping in from poetsU


  8. Pamela says:

    This is wonderful, Elizabeth. I agree with Brenda on both counts. Nice to see you this Sunday, my friend.



  9. A great idea! All the words blended together so nicely. And good poetry!


  10. Gabriella says:

    Great weaving of those words! I particularly like the opening stanza.


  11. An amazing poem, weaving two prompts. Way to write, kiddo! I especially love “closed off from interference” (I try for that, too), and the heart of the glacier melting through the nib of the pen.


  12. Sumana Roy says:

    this is fantastic……


  13. Myrna says:

    You did such a great job of joining these prompts. Sometimes when this is done, a disjointed poem is created, yet yours flows beautifully and I enjoyed reading it very much.


  14. drpkp says:

    Lovely – “mysterious worlds come to inky fruition” particularly terrific 🙂


  15. WabiSabi says:

    I’m in awe of poets (and the poems they create) who can weave together 2 or 3 prompts so skillfully! Beautifully done.:)


  16. daphnepurpus says:

    Wonderful weaving of two very different prompts!


  17. kaykuala says:

    That’s just great Elizabeth! Whichever way you choose to call it it weaves through smoothly!



  18. oldegg says:

    That inky hole often takes an age to climb out of; then is the time for exhilaration.


  19. Irene says:

    An inky response to multiple prompts. Brava, Elizabeth.


  20. Excellent weaving here. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing.


  21. othermary says:

    Both are powerful images, but I especially like the idea of writing within the glacier.


  22. ‘I remain in creative hole

    until all is finished’, – I like your dedication to writing…nicely for two prompts.


  23. for some reason I liked the idea of a creative hole… why would that be? Maybe things could well up.


  24. Jeep Walters says:

    You never dig out of a creative hole. You only burrow deeper. That’s when it gets interesting, Elizabeth! Way to spread the “wealth”!


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