Old Frank At The Feed Store Remembers

For We Write Poems prompt #155: A Red Letter Day

Old Frank At The Feed Store Remembers

She was just a little spit
of a thing, but when that child
would sing she could charm
angels. Bring a thousand
of ‘em down from heaven
just to lean in, to listen.

The first time she stepped
to front of stage there
was some soft laughter. After
all, we’d  known Anastasia
since the day she was born,
and her ways, being different,
we didn’t expect much.

All dolled up in that scarlet
red dress, two sizes too big
and a bit of a mess, had no
idea just what she intended.

But, when she opened her mouth
and began to sing, there was awe
all around and thunderous applause
ringing through that old feed store.

Voices shouting for more,
whistles galore, hands clapping,
feet stamping, ‘til the place
was pulsing with a life it had
never known before.

When she was finished,
she stood still for a moment,
stared into some of those eyes
that had laughed before, then
picked up her trailing skirt,
and without a word, turned,
walked away, and kept
right on going. And for
very good reasons, doubt
she’s ever looked back again.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/9/13

Notes: Again, this is a combination of things. Some of the words from the Sunday wordle, Irene’s prompt, and some coaching from Anastasia herself. She may be a character, but she does seem to know the way of her own story.

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12 Responses to Old Frank At The Feed Store Remembers

  1. Irene says:

    Interesting that you took the POV of old Frank. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger.


  2. Sherry Marr says:

    What an intriguing write this is. I can see her, see that look she leveled at them all, and see her walking off into her own limitless future. I love her already and hope she makes more appearances!


  3. annell4 says:

    I like it, it tells a story or just a beginning, with many directions to come?


  4. I love the character of your poetry awesome job!


  5. JulesPaige says:

    Yes! Laugh all you want, but that inner voice gains strength and eventually takes you to where you want to go or be. Even if the beginnings are slow. And the process lengthy…If you gain happiness being yourself, I believe that is a very good thing.

    My second piece is also in and is here:

    I also stepped back in time…


  6. Mary says:

    Characters definitely lead, and we just have to follow. I do like Anastasia! (Hmm, I wonder in what ways she resembles you.)


  7. I love the character of Anastasia and the way that Frank tells the story. The ending made me cheer for Anastasia: “And for very good reasons, doubt she’s ever looked back again.”


  8. lyricalfish says:

    Loved this…and I have to agree with the others that last line is fantastic!


  9. viv blake says:

    Can’t wait for more. I love the internal rhymes, and quite see why the dress was scarlet red, for the rhythm. You tell the story beautifully. So sorry you’ve been poorly, and hope you’re feeling better.


  10. Misky says:

    Charming tale. I think I love that little girl.


  11. Pamela says:

    I too love the scarlet dress, Elizabeth.



  12. Go Anastasia! I love it when the underdog succeeds.



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