For We Write Poems Prompt #154: Who is your protagonist?

And for Far Write writing group: two words: fortitude, fondness
and phrase: acorn beneath an apple tree


Like lone acorn resting in grass
beneath apple tree, Anastasia
never quite belonged. Although
she longed for certain things,
they were not the same as those
wished for by her siblings.

She was fond of saying, “If fish
could fly and birds could swim,
I know deep down I would fit in.”
But, as things were, she never
would and that was fine as long
as she could be left to be


Then found out that certain
flying fish were born with wings
and saw small gray bird, called
a Dipper, dive headfirst
into rapid Yellowstone River
seeking sustenance. It somehow
seemed to prove that, with watchful
fortitude, a day would come when
she would find someone who actually
understood Anastasia.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/4/13

Notes: This is a combination of things: last weeks prompt from WWP, prompts from my local writing group, and Irene’s current prompt at We Write Poems: To make it interesting, you’d have to give a sense of the protagonist in your piece. Whether you use the first or third person you have to have a protagonist. Give the person a name.  If you’re following this prompt site, then you will have to bear in mind that you’re going to write a series of poems featuring that protagonist. Should be interesting, yes?


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7 Responses to MizFit

  1. Irene says:

    Hello Anastasia. I like misfits and such, especially if she’s a poet. Clever blend of the prompts, Elizabeth. It’s working. Wait for next week! Keep that Anastasia.


  2. I can relate to Anastasia being myself a misfit fantastic job, ironically my mom actually wanted to name me Anastasia


  3. annell4 says:

    Words from Alice in Wonderland, “We are all mad here, I think you will fit in just fine.” And you do, and outstanding citizen of the word. My friend. Like it very much!


  4. I like misfits. I think my protagonist is one as well. I can relate to Anastasia — when I was a teenager I was radically different and was into very different things than the rest of my family. Here’s to the acorns lying under apple trees. 🙂



  5. viv blake says:

    An interesting protagonist – I think you have plenty of material to continue the series. I loved your small grey dipper!


  6. Pamela says:

    This is a very clever blend of prompts, Elizabeth. I like this Anastasia. Being different is good, no-one should ever strive to be ordinary. I see you have your second poem up, however I will read it after I post my second one. I don’t want to be influenced 😉 My first character’s name is Marlene. Not sure where I am going with her just yet.



  7. JulesPaige says:

    Ah, that is because I too have always felt I was a misfit. They say that opposites attract but I thing too that similar beings attract to each other for support.

    Thanks for your visit…off to see if you’ve penned part two.


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