Wish To Be A Perfect Poet (with a bit of self talk)

For Miz Quickly’s Impromptu Poetry Day 29: Wishes

Zentangle Mandala #10 8-12-09 4

Wish To Be A Perfect Poet
(with a bit of self talk)

But foolish wish
can’t even be kissed,
’cause puckered lips
cannot begin to pronounce
perfectly profound
words that might
breathe it into being.

And now where do you go
after making that perfectly
silly statement?

I don’t know…
to a Wishing Well?

And where will you find that?

I don’t know…maybe
far south and a little
to the east?

Do you at least have some
sort of map?

Nope…was hoping
we could wing it?

Have you forgotten that we
are definitely inhibited, your
ancient car probably wouldn’t
make it past these city limits.

And that makes me think
of that old song, you know?
“Trains and Boats and Planes…”

All of which is getting us nowhere,
and certainly not to a poem
written by a perfect poet.

You’re right, of course,
it is a perfectly silly

Hold on a minute. Go back
to that first poem. How did you
complete it?

By saying that I’d finish
this month with a purse
filled with perfectly imperfect
poems looking for a home.

And haven’t you done
just that?

Yes, but…still have one more to do
for tomorrow, and then
there’s that Cascade poem…

Yes, I’d agree that one
comes close to perfection,
and a few more that show
a lot of promise.

Thank you.

For what?

For reminding me that I am
only human and perfectly imperfect
at best, even as a poet.

 Aren’t we all?
And you are welcome.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/29/13

Notes: Stayed up ’til the wee hours to get a head start on today’s prompt. Went to bed and wrestled with a spunky little brat named Anastasia and all of her wishing. Wanted nothing to do with her when I finally awoke. Took a peek at Robert’s prompt at Poetic Asides, for today. He suggested we go back through this months pieces, find a line that we liked and use it for the title of a new poem. So, I went back to that first April poem, only to find a wish line for a title, and two others that helped a lot. The rest is here and now history. Gotta love the synchronicity.

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11 Responses to Wish To Be A Perfect Poet (with a bit of self talk)

  1. margo roby says:

    Clever woman! Clever poet! Love the talk, the tone, the discoveries.



  2. Quickly says:

    You wing it well. (that’s the adverbial “well” not the wishing one)


  3. Is this visible? yes! Your response is really original and accomplished. Congrats. to both of you!


  4. viv blake says:

    Oh perfection – you imperfect perfect poet you. I really love this wrestling with your alter ego.


  5. Marianne says:

    I loved the back and forth banter in this perfectly delightful poem. I hear a similar voice inside my head occasionally! You have done a splendid job this month. I have greatly enjoyed your work here and your comments at my blog. BUT, I must say, I am very glad to have just one day/poem left. I will continue to follow you over at The Sunday Whirl. My thanks to Miz Q. and Brenda, who provide prompts and a place for us to connect.


  6. Sherry Marr says:

    Oh I so adore this conversation with yourself/muse!!!! Big grin the whole way through. Love it, love it, love it!


  7. Pamela says:

    Marvelous, Elizabeth. I am glad this came to you. Are you heading my way? I am south and east of you. I am happy you decided to go along for the journey this month. It has been at times a bear, but I would say worth it in the end. I think I have a change purse full of half functioning poems 🙂



  8. Cleaver creative!


  9. Daydreamer says:

    Sounds perfect to me!


  10. annell4 says:

    Your poem speaks for all of us. That wish for perfection….we can be silly.


  11. julespaige says:

    I have long since decided that being perfect is not a goal. As with most things, for me it is the journey. I really enjoyed this piece full of promises, dreams and wishes. You have succeeded in being who you are and that is wonderful.


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