More Than A Job

For Miz Quickly’s Impromptu Day 27: Salesman

Cavelight Collab J.G. & E.C.

More Than A Job

Used to work in a bookstore,
behind counter, selling books.
Loved talking to customers
telling them how this volume
could take them here, or help
get them there. How this one
was a bit obtuse, of little use
for what they wanted.

Ordering titles just to see
what could be said, had read
so many but always more
were waiting. Created section
of my own interests:
Women’s History, Writing,
Creativity, Female Authors,
Psychology, Mythology,
Music, as well as others.

But boss had another idea
of how things there should
be done. Perhaps he thought
I was having too much fun,
that business should be run
in other fashion, personal
passions should be checked
at opening and direct honesty
had no place in making profit.

We argued for hours that turned
into years before I left. Bereft
to be leaving behind so many
friends of written words and a
learning curve that held no end.
Wonder still, if he ever understood,
that his store was far more
than a job, it was a hiding place
holding all that was needed, there
at center, of the downtown hood.

Elizabeth Crawford 4/27/13

Notes: This one chased me all day since seeing the prompt early this morning. It was written fast and is no more than a hazy early very rough draft. Had no idea the wealth those years of memory held. Some day, that story too, will get told.

Image: Digitally manipulated experiment with color.

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5 Responses to More Than A Job

  1. Reminds me of my job at the library. But no mean bosses.


  2. Sherry Marr says:

    Oh I love the sound of your bookstore sections…….I always wanted to run a bookstore – they should be places of refuge, help and possibility……..and choice, as you tried to tell your boss.


  3. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, I am sure you were good at your job and brought many people into the bookshop and caused them to return again and again due to your knowledge and your conversation. I remember a few bookshops like that around here. Closed now. All that remains is B & N which lacks the personal local touch & booksellers who really develop relationships with people as well as books. Your poem is a good one, but also a sad reminder of how times HAVE changed.


  4. Elizabeth, that place holds amazing memories for me, too. It is so sad that there are no more independent bookstores left here.Even though your boss had different ideas, you made a difference for local readers.


  5. Jinksy says:

    friends of written words and a
    learning curve that held no end

    I couldn’t agree more! LOL


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