Such Words As I Cannot Find Now

For Miz Quickly’s poetry prompts: Day 3

Plus Joseph’s Naming Constellations: Excursion Panning For Gold

And For Margot Roby who gave me a lift, a load of ideas, and some wonderful laughter

2-18-2012  Nesting

“Such Words As I Cannot Find Now”

I come from a place known as history
chased through a labyrinth
Everything feels stripped of nature’s pigment
unspoken words understood 

sighing long and low, complaining,
that towheaded giggle

Jake had vanished, swallowed up in a cloud of sand. Gone

it was only a matter of when.

Elizabeth Crawford et al, 4/3/13

et al, : Title – Richard Walker
others in order of appearance:
Rob K.
Hannah Gosslin
Angie Werren
My profuse thanks to each of you!

Notes: I tried, I really tried Miz Q, but all I got was hung up in the photos. Ran off to Facebook to play some Mah-Jong and ran into Margo, who gave me some ideas. Went to see what Joseph was suggesting. A Cento poem. But felt a bit guilty for abandoning you, so made the Cento from a line taken from each of the poems listed on your site so far today. It was rather quite fun.

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10 Responses to Such Words As I Cannot Find Now

  1. Stan Ski says:

    Nice medley… thanks for the plug 🙂


  2. Pamela says:

    It turned out beautifully, Elizabeth. I had a time today writing, and it is only day 3. Geez…



  3. julespaige says:

    Fun. When all else fails borrow. I like what you did. Though I can’t place from where you got the line….Which reminds me I owe you a full fledged copy of the Labyrinth collection. Eek. I just have to find it. We had some computer issues and I’m not sure if it got transferred yet. But It is something I can easily retype too. Hopefully this weekend I can get my act together!


  4. angie werren says:

    I like your cento, too — but I think “that towheaded giggle” came from my Miz Quickly #3 response poem “yellow” —

    You are absolutely correct Angie, my apologies. I was a bit distracted this morning while doing the post and really messed it up, leaving out a line as well as your name. Mea Culpa, mea culpa, but tons of thanks for pointing it out.



  5. Marianne says:

    Oh my! How clever of you. This is splendid! And I loved your notes!


  6. brenda w says:

    Brava, Elizabeth! You rose to cento success brilliantly!


  7. Misky says:

    Well done, Elizabeth! I am so honoured to be included your lovely poem.


  8. margo roby says:

    What tremendous fun! One of my all-time favourite prompts is the WWP one that asked us each to give away a line. The lines were posted and we could choose as many or few as we wished, to craft a poem.


  9. Mr. Walker says:

    Elizabeth, your cento is delightful. It just works.

    Margo, I remember that prompt too. That was fun,



  10. Oh!! Very cool Cento Elizabeth!!!


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