Perfect April Fool

for Miz Quickly’s poetic prompts: Day 1, seven words

Perfect April Fool

Wish to be a perfect poet,
writing poetic perfection
every day, one day at a time.

All lines perfectly aligned
first time consigned to paper.
No hesitation, just perfect

progression of meaning
and sound, marching through
days of this month after March.

Foolish wish can’t even be kissed,
but at least when this month
is finally finished, will possibly

own purse filled with perfectly
imperfect poems in need of a home,
and high hopes for possible future


Elizabeth Crawford  4/1/13

notes: Have to love a prompter who says “rules are made to be ….” Seven words and I couldn’t get beyond the first one, but at least I was grinning.

Later Note: My apologies to one and all. I can’t seem to comment on anyone’s site. I’ve tried and the comments just disappear. I will try again later.

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11 Responses to Perfect April Fool

  1. margo roby says:

    I love the way you used purse, Elizabeth, and then scooped up what Barbara says. I, also, stopped at purse — went back later to check the other words, but I love the sound of purse, knew I was going with it.


    Still unable to leave comments, that sucks, but thanks for visiting and commenting. I almost dropped the purse, but liked it too much to leave it out.



  2. julespaige says:

    Another person used PURSE! Brilliant! I spent over an hour looking for 6 more words to go with purse. and then did a mini wordle. Rules …they are those thin blue lines on some paper. 🙂

    Fun indeed.

    On someone else’s paper, for sure. At least I can say I was laughing when this all started and hope to continue more of the same. Thanks for stopping Jules,



  3. brenda w says:

    Yes! Let’s hear it for hope for our poems’ futures!

    Thanks Brenda, the old woman needs support on a regular basis.



  4. Quickly says:

    “Foolish wish can’t even be kissed”
    I love that line. Also like “perfection” hanging out down there all by itself.

    Perfection must always hang out alone. Who would dare to befriend her? Thanks for the ideas and all of your efforts. I was unable to leave a comment at your post, but I definitely was there. I even remember the song and it is now dancing in my mental back forty, thanks,



  5. angie werren says:

    I love the repetition of “perfect” throughout your poem, like that little voice in the back of our heads we try so hard to ignore. And that image of a purse filled with poems — well, should I say? it’s perfect.

    Also, I found your comments; for some reason quite a few ended up in my spam today. perhaps the blogosphere is overwhelmed by all the poetry going on today! 😉

    Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know I hadn’t become completely invisible. Glad you enjoyed the poem, it was a fun easy write. Now, let’s keep fingers crossed for the next 29.



  6. Pamela says:

    Elizabeth, I love the flow to this and your use of perfect throughout. I only used “purse” from the list also. My eyes and brain locked on that and I couldn’t think of using the other words. I think it is important we don’t try for perfection this month, it only leads to disappointment. Nice to see you with us at Miz Quickly’s.


    That was my thought too Pamela, so I got it out of my system on this first one. I wasn’t really going after the words so much as what Barb said about perfection and rules and what any of that has to do with poetry. It made me grin and that’s all that counts. Thanks for stopping by and yes, I will remember that it was you that got me involved in this,



  7. Stan Ski says:

    Practice will make it… does it really need it??? 🙂

    Hell no, the imperfections simply prove it comes from human thoughts and hands. Thanks for visiting Stan,



  8. Rob Kistner says:

    Nicely writ ElizaBeth…! 🙂 The ever frustrating pursuit of perfection, my eternal torment… Here is my Day 1 poem entitled Calypso Hearts.

    Thanks for visiting Rob, it’s been a while,



  9. Mary says:

    Perfection is a concept invented by the devil, I think! The striving for it drives a poet crazy, and the devil must smile.

    That means his jaw will be aching in a week, might be broken in two, and he’ll probably need realignment surgery by the end of this month. We poets really know how to hurt the poor guy, don’t we? Thanks for visiting and commenting,



  10. Sherry Marr says:

    I love the idea of a purse full of perfectly imperfect poems!

    You really need to come for a visit, these rooms are filled with perfectly imperfect poems, just remember to look before you sit anywhere, never know if that pile has been posted or not, lol. Thanks Sherry,



  11. Perfectly imperfect!! Love that!

    Aren’t we all? Thanks Hannah,



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