Living In The Gap

For We Write Poems poetry prompt: #141 Could You Reapeat That, Please

Living In The Gap

Between daylight and dark
there is twilight
and mist

Between paper and pen
is a soft
whispered hiss

Between lines in a poem
the need
of a twist

A twist is a knot
for tension
between understanding
and true

Between words and image
a thought will

Between paper and poem
poet might want
to resist

Between head and heart
a great distance

Elizabeth Crawford 2/6/12

About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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9 Responses to Living In The Gap

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Oh so true. An excellent anaphora. I re-jigged my wordle anaphora, getting rid of sore-thumb wordle words.

    As I mentioned on your blog, I’ve thought of doing that many times, but then forget and never do. I think it’s a great idea, because I actually like some of the wordle poetry, but would definitely get rid of a few of those stinky words. Thanks for stopping by,



  2. Misky says:

    Wonderful poem with wisdom worth repeating!

    Thanks Misky, I tried this several ways, and although it isn’t what I started out with, I do like what happened while I was resisting,



  3. Ron. says:

    Well-crafted rhythm reinforces the anaphoric nature as well as the clear and insightful content. Well done.

    Thank you very much, Ron. I had to work at this one because I usually steer clear of end rhyme and repetition. And yet, I like what came about.



  4. dani says:

    this is stunning, Elizabeth! LOVE it!

    I liked your poem as well Dani. Thanks for reading and commenting,



  5. JulesPaige says:

    The constant battle of head and heart. Sometimes when I write I wonder ‘just what was my muse thinking?’ And then I get uplifted by my friends that stop by, and sigh. Wondering if I can ‘repeat’ myself.

    Thanks for your visit. 🙂

    Lol, I know that one all too well, “Oh, if only I could do that all the time!” But, if we could, we’d probably get a bit bored after a while. So, perhaps it’s best if the road goes up and down. Maybe we’ll learn balance? I’m thinking acrosstics at the moment. Thanks for stopping in,



  6. Sherry Marr says:

    This is so true and is written so wonderfully, with the twist in the middle that turns the focus. I love it.

    Thank you Sherry, is it okay to say that the twist was an accident that I liked too much to leave out? I really love how poems come together in such a variety of ways.



  7. Judy Roney says:

    Wow! I love where you went with this.

    It wasn’t where I first intended to go, but things happen on the way to a poem that are sometimes hard to explain. Thanks for stopping in and commenting,



  8. wayne says:

    indeed lots of rythm here…nicely done

    Thank you Wayne, I enjoyed your poem about the homeless man.



  9. anl4 says:

    You touched my heart with this one!


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