Swept Away

For We Write Poems Prompt #131: Unexpectedly Love http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/

And for November PAD Challenge: Image #14

Swept Away
Manipulated Pen & Ink Line Drawing
Elizabeth Crawford

“Well, sometimes,” she said,
with a faraway look, “it’s a bit like
certain words, you know?

You use a word easily,
know its proper definition,
it is common, but then
one day, someone says the word
with a different accent, an altered
inflection, or while you are writing
it, your perspective suddenly changes,
and all those previously defined parameters
become something else: swell with other
meanings, expand, soften to melt
into other places, creating new patterns
of thought and knowing.

You know yourself, in that moment,
to be changed, altered as well,
given a choice:
to step back, lean into normal,
what is common and comfortable,
or knowing what you now know,
let go, be swept away without resistance
inside that newly formed design,
allowing it to take you,
make you what it will.”

Elizabeth Crawford  11/14/12

Notes: Our ‘assignment’ for We Write Poems, was to write a love poem without using the word love, how we feel about that subject, our experience of it. I have loved words and language for most of my life. Have found that words have the power to change how I see and feel, and the path I choose to follow, especially when I let them.


About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: http://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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8 Responses to Swept Away

  1. Misky says:

    Such a wonderful perspective on swept away. I really enjoyed reading that Elizabeth.

    So glad that you did Misky, I enjoyed writing it,



  2. JulesPaige says:

    That is a wonderful enchantment! Finding out the definition of a word that sometimes you may have used correctly, but then… I remember at a job once explaining to a gal how one of the words she was using; the English meaning was correct but the literal translation of it was not at all what she was expecting (not exactly ‘clean’) so I suspect she might think twice before using it nonchalantly. Wonderful capture of the excitement of learning words and their meanings
    I actually wasn’t sure where I was going with the We Write Poems Prompt…so I stepped back as it where:

    And for your words of ‘swept away’ and the leaf images…in the drawing I captured a fairly present moment:

    Thanks Jules. Words have opened my eyes to many different worlds,



  3. Kim Nelson says:

    What a fantastic notion you explore here… our metamorphosis or evolution based upon influences and experience. An intriguing piece of writing.


    Love alters us in many ways, thank you Kim,



  4. Sherry Marr says:

    I remember falling in love with the word “paw” in school, at age eight. The beginning of a long love affair with words. Loved this, Elizabeth!

    Sherry, it was even younger for me (4). Didn’t realize what that meant until much much later. Thanks for stopping in,



  5. Allowing yourself to let go is indeed a challenge….and all you’ve written here is true about the word love. We think we know what it is, but when confronted, we must ask ourselves if we really do know.


    Thanks so much Nicole, I also believe that love teaches so much more about ourselves, the other, and the world, as well as life. I truly believe that as long as we love, we also learn,



  6. Appreciate exploration of how experience transforms sense of a word thought to be known.

    Thanks for reading, and words are very transforming, like love,



  7. Irene says:

    I’ve been thinking of metamorphosis myself — how love changes, how nearness changes.

    They say that all things change, sometimes we wish they wouldn’t, but they do and we are changed by them.
    Thanks Irene,



  8. neil reid says:

    Elizabeth, (if you’ll pardon my analogy) some say of our human relationship with Spirit, that ours is to bring the direct experience of life back to Spirit (the child’s gift to the parent, if you will). And reading your poem I got reminded of that intermingled relationship. Language in one sense is greater than any one of us, yet language itself takes breath and life directly through our individual experiences. Each feeds the other. Thank you,

    Thank you Neil, (you know you are always pardoned in my book). The longest ‘affair’ I’ve had in my life, is that one with words. When I saw the prompt, I let my mind wonder and this is where it landed. Words are forever filling my life with those delightful surprises that expand, often altering my thought/feeling experience in ways that seem to be related to rebirth and more growth. That is what the experience of love should entail, as well as many others. I agree with your analogy, we should always reach for the spirit of the law, rather than only the letter of it,



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