For November PAD Challenge: Image #13

Pen & Ink Line Weaving
Elizabeth Crawford

Etchings in smokey glass
had always fascinated her:
hummingbird, wings vibrating
as beak dipped to sip
nectar’s sweetness;
great blue heron, stiff-legged
stalking in shallow current;
or intricate abstract patterns.

Occasionally gave them as gifts
to special friends, or family members.
Never purchased them for self,
somehow afraid that possession
would make glass etchings

Elizabeth Crawford  11/13/12


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2 Responses to Etchings

  1. JulesPaige says:

    Have you ever seen the etchings that are in (sort of) cubes? I am amazed at the details. The picture pops up 3-D style into the glass. I think that once in a while we should spoil ourselves and get something we like just because we can…

    This image also reminded me of another toy…the Spirograph – I actually pick up an off brand one a few years ago, but haven’t opened it yet, maybe next year…

    Jules, the hummingbird one described in the poem is just that and was given to my Mother. It came back to me when she passed away and I treasure it. But I do know someone who does not buy certain things because she doesn’t trust herself to keep them from being broken. And I certainly do spoil myself on occasion, lol.



  2. This is a gorgeous etching. But, this is sad: “Never purchased them for self, somehow afraid that possession would make glass etchings shatter.”

    jlynn, about two years ago, I got into repeat line drawing, or line weaving. It’s all done free hand with pen and ink, but then I played with some of them a bit digitally. Fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. And yes, the ending is sad, but real for some individuals. Thanks for visiting,



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