Listen Children

For Musical Notes Poetry Prompt #11

Listen Children

Become forces of Nature:

fire, lightening, thunder.

Ignite your deepest passions

to create

world peace.

Elizabeth Crawford  10/18/12

Today’s inspiration was One Tin Soldier
performed by a group called The Coven.

Notes: While listening, several times, to the song, I was also reading The Freedom Writers Diary written by The Freedom Writers with help from their high school teacher Erin Gruwell. A class that was often referred to as the “Dummy Class”, it was filled with the rejects, discipline problems, and juvenile court frequenters.  The book was published in 1996. It contains diary excepts from the students who ranged in age from 14 to 18. They often wrote of the undeclared war in which they existed in the streets of LA. While the streets were divided by gangs of ethnicity, these students found a home. The song became the backdrop and then the tapestry for today’s response.

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3 Responses to Listen Children

  1. Elizabeth, have you seen the movie by the same name? It is awesome – Hilary Swanks plays the teacher. Would make your day.

    Sherry, the movie is why I am reading the book. And I agree, it is awesome. The book is as well. These are real people, expressing themselves and thier truths. Direct as only teenagers can be. I have to occasionally step aside, go do something else, because my head is echoing so many things and experiences. And it reminds me of being in a classroom and telling my students that no one else can tell your story. Thanks for stopping by,



  2. ladynimue says:

    well passed lines 🙂

    Thank you LadyN. I know that I made the fifteen words or less stipulation, but this one was so rich that I wasn’t sure I could keep to it. It was very hard to do,



  3. JulesPaige says:

    Children are our hope. I’ve had my grandson over for most of the week. Even at two he is expressive and while displaying typical tantrums of his age, he also shows a very empathetic side too- perhaps because we are a family of huggers? Probably for many other reasons too. But I do delight when I see him hug, comfort and show ‘love’ to his toys and of course the people around him.
    I just remembered last night that I forgot the musical prompt this week. So I just posted it.
    Thanks ~Jules


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