Leap of Faith

For Margo Roby’s Tuedsay Tryouts: It’s The Truth


We Write Poems Prompt #123: Poem Leftovers

Leap of Faith

Once saw a doe try to jump
eight foot chain link fence.
Metal bent at impact, screeching
in rage as it threw her back
away from green grass
and trees it protected.

Remember how she stumbled,
but regained her feet, then
came to my open car window,
eyes wide with fear, yet seemed
to hear my instructions, when
I said, “Go there,” and pointed.

Collected her young one
and together they raced
to the opening and safety
they so desperately sought.

She’s been back, more than
a time or two, eyes now calm
as she nods her head in some
knowing direction, and I hear
a whisper at inner ear,

“Go there,”
so I do.

Elizabeth Crawford  9/18/12

Notes: Have tried to write about this experience for many years, but couldn’t ever find the right ending. Then found the WWP prompt and Margo’s, which is based on a vivid memory. Somehow they came together and this piece is the result. The doe and her little one were being chased by two large shaggy farm dogs and crossed the road where about ten cars had slowed and stopped to let her go where she needed to go. Once across, she faced that high metal fence and tried to jump it. Staggering, she headed back to the road and came directly to my car. All I could do was murmur softly and point to the opening, while the man in the car behind me held the two excited dogs at bay with a commanding voice. When I looked in her eyes, there was immediate identification. I was a newly divorced single parent. I knew her fear, as well as her instincts.

The incident written above happened over twenty years ago. I took this photo last summer. Every once in a while, Nature and synchronicity step in to remind me, that although different, the relationship still exists.


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14 Responses to Leap of Faith

  1. carolisle says:

    Seems as though you have have a spirit guide, what do you think. sweet write, Carol

    Carol, what I know is that I’ve had many encounters with furred and feathered wild creatures. I also believe that each has crossed my path in an attempt to teach me something I need to know. But, then the same goes for human beings. There are so many ways to look at spirit guides but an attitude of listening is primary. Glad you enjoyed the story,



  2. rosross says:

    A wonderful memory, story and insight.

    Thanks so much, I feel the same way,



  3. barbara_ says:

    Wow. No wonder you have had so much trouble writing this. I have a couple that keep resisting, and they don’t have anything like the emotional complexity of this. One thing did hang me a bit: is the absence of “I” in the first line intentional?

    Hi Barbara, and the answer is both yes and no. This has to be only one of so many attempts. The first stanza is from a completely different writing with a completely different intent, but I liked the image. I kept it because at that point in the tale, I was still one among many observers. The real bonding connection happened later when she came directly to my car with her wild and fear filled eyes, and I spoke softly to her. That is when I became participant. I was attempting to make that reality ‘real’ for my readers, per Margo’s instructions. And I really don’t think I’m done with this, even now, lol.



  4. margo roby says:

    What a wonderful story, told in such a way that I both see it vividly and feel the emotion of deer and speaker, the mood of the whole.

    Thanks Margo, I don’t feel I really followed through completely on either of the prompts. Took them off to a peculiar place of my own choosing, which is pretty normal for me, lol. I’m just glad you found it both vivid and emotive. That’s good, right?



  5. Julie says:

    This is marvelous and so very touching. I’m glad after all these years you found the proper ending. It was quite perfect!

    Thank you Julie, but like I told Barbara above, I’m not sure the story is done with me yet. This was an excellent means of writing about it, but each time I do, I find more.



  6. andranegroiu says:

    This must have been a very touching experience and I am glad that you chose to retell it in your lovely and vivid poem.

    It’s hard to say why some things impact us more than others. This remains one of my strongest memories. Glad that it touched you, it certainly did that and more for me,



  7. How difficult it is, indeed, to capture such a moment in mere words and do it justice.

    Time sometimes grants us what we need. It seems this was the case for your poem — a completion. The picture told in a few stanzas is worth many more than a thousand words.


    Thank you so much Nicole. I have never felt I could do it justice,



  8. The poem gave me goosebumps…paired with your commentary I cried…the last note on the connection between us and nature…yes, so much truth to this.

    Hannah, my father was the first one to teach me about the lessons to be learned from the wildlife that is all around us. As an adult, I have had many wildlife encounters and always there are more lessons to be learned. I’m glad I followed my instincts about this piece. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them deeply,



  9. vivinfrance says:

    This poem, and the story behind it, are very special. Sometimes we poets need patience, to wait until the right moment for melding the ingredients into a coherent whole.

    Certainly would have to agree with you Viv, but then patience seems to play an ever larger portion in my life these days. Thanks so much for reading and commenting,



  10. I LOVE this poem, and story. And, especially, the closing lines. “Go there”. And so I do.” Perfection.

    A moment of perfection. Guess we can’t ask for more than that my friend. Thank you,



  11. What a wonderful story. This was the perfect spot for it. Love the ending.

    So glad you enjoyed it. It continues to have a great deal of meaning for me,



  12. I am deeply touched by your memory. Thank you Elizabeth


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  14. What a beautiful story – she coming for help, you saying “go there”………….poor creature, between vehicles and fences they have a hard time. We have a very young deer hanging around our yard – she seems very tentative and hesitant, and seems much too young to be on her own – but she is. I feel for her. I love the ending where you hear “go there” in your inner ear, and you do……..very cool.


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