Matters of Choice

For Musical Notes Prompt #1

Matters of Choice

I am
I exist


my choices alone

create whatever I am
to become.

Elizabeth Crawford  8/9/12

*Inspiration: Neil Diamond’s song  I am…  I said

Notes: Many individuals are driven to fulfill a dream, and do that at the cost of relationship, not realizing that every choice we make bears consequences for which we must accept responsibility. This song has long been a favorite of mine and it surprised me where the prompt took me.

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6 Responses to Matters of Choice

  1. Yes, it took me a while to understand that things I thought “just happened” to me, were actually choices – because I let them happen. That is when the river turned, for me. Good poem, Elizabeth, packed with life wisdom, as always.

    Ahh, my friend, that moment must affect all of us who experience it. Love the way you put it. Thanks so much,



  2. Marianne says:

    Our choices do shape what we become. I love your use of “I am.” So powerful!

    Thank you Marianne, this poem seemed to affect me deeply, even though I’ve known its reality for a long time.



  3. Paige says:

    well-done. choices are so powerful.

    I agree Paige and so many of them are made on the spur of the moment without much thought. Some of them come back to haunt us. For others there is never a shadow of doubt. Thanks for visiting,



  4. PJF Sayers says:

    Elizabeth, this is so pretty. All the choices we make never knowing what the outcome will be. I have not forgotten about this prompt, however, I have had a few days of computer problems. I wrote something it just has to be posted.


    Thanks so much Pamela. Understand the puter problems and will wait for your post. Very glad you can join us.



  5. angie werren says:

    strong poem — and such truth. which I knew this when I was younger, but I guess knowledge is age’s reward. and thanks for the song; I never listened to the lyrics that closely before. it really touched me.

    Thanks Angie, I knew a great deal of Neil Diamond’s music because my older brother collected it. And I thought he was a hottie with a gorgeous voice. He seemed like a perfect choice to begin this adventure and was surprised myself what listening to the song brought to my mind. Not sure it’s age, so much as experience that brings the rewards. Glad you enjoyed,



  6. angie werren says:

    (and I did mean *wish… not which. )
    apparently typing well is NOT a reward of age! 😉

    Lol, I’d agree but am still cringing at some of the typos I always seem to make. Don’t think age has much to do it, being in a hurry is the usual culprit for me.



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