The Gambler

For The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #68

The Gambler

A stern man, convinced
to the marrow that he was
superior to all the rest.

Lacking anchor of moral code,
they would surely sink in wake
of his passing, unable to navigate
perilous pitched path only he
was linked into.

Leaning against balcony
rail, sipping four ounces
of daily port (no more,
no less), he smiled
at thought of ace held,
stored at bottom of deck
he always carried.

Elizabeth Crawford  8/5/12

Notes: Couldn’t miss the nautical leanings of this week’s list of words. Having never risen above rowboat or canoe status, I felt a need to take the words in a completely different direction.

Notice: Will be launching a poetry prompt site on Tuesday, to be responded to on Thursday, using music for inspiration. Everyone is welcome. You can find an example  and explanation here:

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20 Responses to The Gambler

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  2. A disreputable man, that’s for sure!

    Going to check out the link now.


  3. Irene says:

    Sounds like an idiot.


  4. Oh, he sounds like a control freak for sure. Well captured 🙂


  5. anl4 says:

    Look at you! Delightful write. (I lost my am sick about it…don’t know what to do?)


  6. vivinfrance says:

    Elizabeth, we think alike in rebelling against the obvious theme for this Wordle. Yours is very clever.

    Annell, how do you lose a blog?


  7. Marianne says:

    Loved your use of the wordle words. I was a bit intimidated by some of the terms but finally found a poetical solution. I look forward to checking out your poetry prompt site!


  8. PF Anderson says:

    Elizabeth, well done, and I also, chose to rebel against the obvious theme driven words. You have painted a very clear picture of this man.



  9. barbara_ says:

    Nifty solution to the maritime words.
    I’ll be listening to your prompts, but…fifteen words? No way I can do that. Got to have my participles and conjunctions.


  10. Misky says:

    I once knew someone like that, and can’t say that I miss them one tiny bit. Lost him somewhere between here and there. Love your poem though, and it’s well written.


  11. pmwanken says:

    My image of the gambler shifted in my mind as I read — you described him well.

    I’ll be by to check the prompting site. 🙂


  12. Elizabeth, very concise and descriptive wordle! Looks like a lot of us got a little nauti-cal! Great work.


  13. Elizabeth says:

    My apologies to one and all, for not responding individually. I’m busy working through a photo project for an upcoming huge family reunion. I found that I didn’t much like this piece when it was finished. But as soon as I saw the first comment, realized it wasn’t the poem I didn’t like, it was definitely the character I had created. Was just following the words and this is where they took me. Funny how that happens. I certainly much more enjoyed reading all of your offerings,



  14. Tumblewords says:

    A fine piece of work –


  15. “convinced
    to the marrow” … I like this.


  16. JulesPaige says:

    Good Luck with your photo project and family happenings. You are not the only one to ‘rebel’ the implied nautical theme. But it fit so well with my story that I just had to use them – Oh I’ve not graduated much beyond a row boat or camp canoe either…

    When you have time, next week or whenever…


  17. Paige says:

    he’s a sly one. written with a hint of humor.


  18. seingraham says:

    Really like what you did with this and how you took the words somewhere quite unexpected, something I have a penchant for myself … you’ve drawn your sly gambler well. A good poem.


  19. JulesPaige says:

    Thanks for your visit. I didn’t know that about the whales “(they symbolize record keeping knowledge)” . ~Jules


  20. brenda w says:

    When I provide words with an obvious theme, it is always my hope the words take some of you elsewhere. This is a strong portratit, Elizabeth, and I love your alliteration. Well done!


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