For The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #58


Realized past might become
burnished barnacles adhering
to hull of existence, refusing
to be scraped away.

Constant burring blur
of flinty tongue drenched
in familiar vitriol, brittle
squeal of thick stiff chalk
pressed repeatedly against
dark roughened chalkboard.

Only defense: daily resistance
toward deep desire to isolate,
to erect austere cocoon,
inadequate defense against
fear of more contact.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/27/12

Note: This is not biographical, however, at one time it could have become just that.


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19 Responses to Resistance

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Elizabeth, I admire the youse of the difficult barnacle word as a metaphor and the poem is a great way of exploring feelings, even if they were not autobiographical.


  2. brebry says:

    This certainly has a ring of truth. I think you read my mind in my middle years. Vivid.


  3. Sometimes our only defence against further hurt or harm is to build a wall to protect ourselves. This says it all so well.
    Great imagery and, I’m glad it isn’t you who is the subject 🙂


  4. Mary says:

    I think many people fight against isolation at one time of life or another. Your poem definitely captured the battle and the way of defending against the demon!


  5. Laurie Kolp says:

    Really nice, Elizabeth… especially the ending. I can relate much to this.


  6. brenda w says:

    I’m with Laurie, Elizabeth. I can relate almost too well to this piece. Excellent exploration of that need to pull away, to cocoon ourselves.


  7. Traci B says:

    The great thing about cocoons is they’re temporary; we may hide inside them for a while, but if we allow, they can transform us into something beautiful. Now, if a cocoon becomes a sarcophagus, that’s another story.

    Well wordled, Elizabeth. I recognize the feelings in this poem very well. It would be tempting sometimes for me to be this person.


  8. You used the difficult words well. I resonate with the character isolating against vitriolic assaults from others. I do the same thing. One wants peace. Well done, and SO nice to see you posting again. We missed you and we need you.


  9. Mr. Walker says:

    Elizabeth, this resonates deeply with me. I still fight that resistance, ever the introvert that I am. And my tongue has been flinty of late, with too much vitriol. Thank you for reminding me that it is an inadequate defense.



  10. julespaige says:

    As others have said – I think we all have at one point felt exactly this way. Nicely wordled.
    My offering a tad biographical as it is based in fact is here:


  11. markwindham says:

    It would indeed be easier sometimes to just hide away from it all. Well done


  12. Yes, great use of the word “barnacle”. Well done, my friend.



  13. Lilu says:

    Oh my. I can relate to this very much.
    Loved the ending. Great metaphor too. Kudos to you for being able to use the difficult words, it was my first time wordling so I just decided it was okay to leave them be this time, haha.
    Good writing here.
    Thanks for the read! =)


  14. tmhHoover says:

    At times life may seem to have “barnacles adhering to hull of existence, refusing to be scraped away.” It is then that the cocoon is entrancing. Glad to hear you are free of barnacles at this time.


  15. pmwanken says:

    Yes, I’ll add my feeling of relating to this, too….didn’t really win the fight against isolation this weekend. But I’m working on scraping those barnacles off my hull of existence…

    Here’s mine, late to the game:


  16. Irene says:

    Me too, my tongue is full of vitriol. I just don’t think isolation makes anyone happy much, although sometimes it feels wonderful to be alone for a while.


  17. margo roby says:

    Looks like a quorum. I have reached the point where I understand agoraphobia and see its attractions. I’m not quite there but it wouldn’t take much. There is something compelling about not making an effort ‘out there’. I’m better in the cyber world.


  18. Nicely played, Elizabeth. Impressive use of the words.


  19. Tumblewords says:

    Well posed. While not autobiographical, I’m sure it fits many others to a T. 🙂


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