Still Possibilities

For Sunday Whirl: Wordle #55

This week’s words are: cobalt, align, hook, vibrate, print, grind, contrast, emerging, chance, clear, dot, wink.

Still Possibilities

Printed words of old poems
stored in files emerge
like cobalt blue hook
tied to vibrating line
caught deep in gullet
of memory.

Clear chance to view contrast
between then and now,
to feel grind of misaligned dreams,
or to reel in dot of hope that winks,
like a diamond, from distant
horizon of possibilities.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/6/12

Notes: To fulfill a request, I found myself going through my poetry files this past week, almost drowning in memories both good and bad, being swamped by emotions I thought
were past and forgotten. When I first saw the list of words for this week’s wordle, I simply felt unable to bend myself around them. But, eventually my current experience and the words found a way to mesh. It might be a bit obscure, but I certainly feel better for having tackled both.

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16 Responses to Still Possibilities

  1. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I’d say you bent yourself around the wordle words very well in the end. I especially like the image of words being “caught deep in gullet of memory.” My father, who apparently was a great talker-out-of-turn when he was in junior high school, once had an exasperated teacher call him a ‘feather-headed nitwit with a head like a tack.” Obviously those words were caught deep in the gullet of his memory—and now they are in mine too.

    Whirling Haiku and Senryu


  2. We are amazing beings if we put our minds to it and determine we are going to do something. Well done for even attempting to do this if your mind wasn’t welcoming it and, it turned out to be a really good piece of writing,


  3. brenda w says:

    Happy Sunday, Elizabeth. I’m so glad you are here again (doing a happy dance). You’ve taken the words and meshed them into an experience most of us wordlers can understand. Your second stanza illuminates word memory…the time, place, and guts of when we were where we were….writing. I like that both you and I added the word “hope” to our poems.


  4. Mary says:

    One really CAN lose oneself in reading over one’s old poems, thinking about life as it was then, comparing it to now. A chance to view the contrast – yes! A valuable experience indeed. I am glad you found such good use for these difficult words.


  5. vivinfrance says:

    Not obscure at all: I empathised completely with your theme, which happens to us all from time to time.


  6. margo roby says:

    Not obscure at all. I thought that, then saw ViV’s comment and thought what the heck, that is my reaction. I think writers need to go back through their work periodically, for a number of reasons. Thank you for letting us see your reaction to your particular journey.


  7. anl4 says:

    Really wonderful from first line to last…. love it!


  8. b_y says:

    Tight. Invisible wordle. Strong images, and thoughtful. All that–and “the grind of misaligned dreams”.


  9. Mr. Walker says:

    Yes, “grind of misaligned dreams” caught my attention immediately, but then that “or” – that possibility of hope – wonderful. Is there a fishing metaphor in there? hook, line, and reel. There are still possibilities, but I don’t think the possibilities are sitting still.



  10. My favourite part is “grind of misaligned dreams”, Elizabeth. You certainly did make these words your own. Nice write.



  11. I am so glad you decided to persevere! You ended up with a wonderful composition. “Caught deep in the gullet of memory.” Great line!

    Here’s mine:



  12. A wonderfully reflective poem, Elizabeth – and so lovely to be reading your words again! I especially love “from a distant horizon of possibilities”.


  13. It’s all been said, but add my agreement for sure. Flawless use of the words.


  14. tmhHoover says:

    Like Pamela – I loved the “grind of misaligned dreams” .


  15. seingraham says:

    As Walt says, it’s all been said but add me to the chorus of admirers and poets glad to see you back … this is a lovely write Elizabeth


  16. pmwanken says:

    So happy to be reading your words. ❤


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