Accidental Harvest

For Sunday Whirl: Wordle #23

Accidental Harvest

Laughter, bits of soft chatter,
float through cool Autumn air
of outside Farmer’s Market,
as causal passers-by stroll
from one temporary stall
to another. Most looking,
others shop while jostling
plastic bags of fresh produce:
carrots, potatoes, tomatoes,
endive, eggplant, sweet ground
cherries, cantaloupe, and bouquets
of fresh flowers. Occasional offerings
of other things: silver jewelry
with polished stones, images
photographed or drawn, leather
goods and woven fabrics.

After two hours of slow-motion
movement, we head for car,
clutching various treasures:
red ripe raspberries, golden
cheddar cauliflower, and corn
to be husked before cooking.
That’s when accident happens.
Watermelon rolls from secure
position, crashes to parking lot
pavement, cracks, spilling sweet
juices over fingers licked as our
laughter floats away on cool
Autumn breezes.

Elizabeth Crawford 9/25/11

Notes: Sister and I visited the Farmer’s Market this week. The poem was an obvious result of that experience. Made the raspberries last for four days, and she said the watermelon was the sweetest she’d had all summer. Would have to agree. Thanks for the prompt Viv, this one came with a lot more ease. I did have my camera along. There is a harvest of photos on my other site, posted for I Saw Sunday. You can find them here:

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13 Responses to Accidental Harvest

  1. Mary says:

    Wow, if you could spend 2 hours at your farmers’ market, it must be larger than mine. I can do the market in 15 minutes, including making purchases. Of course, it is not a major market. I am surprised about watermelon still. And corn! I would have thought that these seasons would be over with. Oh, how I hate to think of winter when all fruits and vegetables have to be trucked in from faraway. I like what you did with the wordle words this week, Elizabeth.

    Mary, it is huge, covers about three city blocks, and the stalls are on both sides of the walkways, and curve through the parking lots. It took more time because yours truly has to move slow and sit down a lot. And I was astounded by the vairety of produce and the flowers. I couldn’t get enough pictures, lol. I was using my Mom’s walker with the wheels on it, but we used that for holding a lot of our purchases. It worked well,



  2. Mike Patrick says:

    I enjoyed the write and then got to visit the photographs. It’s a wonderful way to wind down from the day.

    Thanks for taking the time to do so Mike. I am new to the camera and am a bit addicted, lol. I can spend hours just browsing through all the photos. And the poem didn’t even consider going elsewhere. It did seem to prefer prose, but I seemed to have won that argument,



  3. Nanka says:

    Beautiful Sunday Market and fun experience too, with all the Autumn abundance!! The earth seems so full of delicate fragrances and rich ripened harvest!! I checked your other site too Elizabeth and wow!! that was a treasure trove!! Loved your excellent art work there!!

    Thank you Nanka. I got the camera last Christmas and carry it with me everywhere. I have always dabbled a bit in some type of artwork. The pen and ink doodles are fascinating to me and since starting them, I see things differently. Good thing for a poet, yes?



  4. Irene says:

    I like the dissolute ending, which felt like such a release. The last line is wonderful.

    It was Irene. My sister had been complaining that she hadn’t been able to find a really sweet watermelon all summer. And then we manage to crack it, and it was really sweet. She got juice all over her shirt, but we eventually corralled in into a bag and she did get most of it home. Glad you enjoyed,



  5. anl4 says:

    Such a lovely afternoon!

    Yes it was Annell, and terribly satisfying as well.



  6. Kelly says:

    Beautiful imagery and tone here. I can almost taste that watermelon and feel those autumn breezes. Delightful.

    Thanks Kelly, its been cloudy and raining since. Which makes it even more memorable.



  7. Elizabeth, I can picture this scene perfectly. We have markets here which are similar. Nice.


    Pamela, I have been reluctant to go to this one because it is huge and lots of people. Didn’t think I would manage it well because of my disability. Amazingly enough, it was a pleasure and deeply satisfying as well.



  8. brenda w says:

    Elizabeth, you set my mouth to watering for golden cheddar cauliflower, because it sounds so darned tempting. mmmm. The sense of community engendered at the farmer’s market rings true through this poem. Sadly, the market season will end soon here. I love the ending image of watermelon bringing people together.


  9. Susannah says:

    As I was reading this I was already picturing the scene as had been shown in your photos! A wonderfully descriptive use of the wordle words. 🙂


  10. I would so love to go to a farmer’s market that big! How wonderful. I enjoyed this little trip with you! Sorry you are having pain and needing a walker, Elizabeth. But so good that you still GO and dont let that hinder you. Strong woman!


  11. Traci B says:

    Our farmers market is so small you can do it in five minutes (and that’s taking time to chat, sample and purchase). Yours sounds more like a street fair with produce and other goodies all in one place.

    Excellent word study of the scene, and the photos were great too. Pity you couldn’t have gotten one of the watermelon – but I suppose your hands were too sticky to handle the camera at that point. 🙂


  12. Mr. Walker says:

    Elizabeth, a lovely read. You make shopping sound fun. How different this would be if it had happened in a supermarket, but the setting so influences what happens and how we react to it. I love how it begins and ends with laughter. You brightened my day.



  13. Renee Espriu says:

    I love markets and going to them. There can’t be anything better and it is something I always miss in the Winter. The fresh smells of produce and flowers and food. This is splendid!


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