Morning Mirror

For Sunday Whirl: Wordle #21

Morning Mirror

Sometimes awareness comes
as jolt of lightening bolt;
crackle and hiss of electricity
boldly cutting its way, roaring
through nerve endings.

Simple dignity forgotten
in urgent need to build,
create before moment passes,
slips away through holes
in pockets, like pennies once
saved, scraped together in frugal
attempt to stave off whatever
has now become inevitable.

Elizabeth Crawford  9/11/11


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11 Responses to Morning Mirror

  1. Mary says:

    Ah yes, dignity can slip away from a person from holes in pockets, e.and the person may not even realize it until it is almost too late. Well crafted poem with lots to think about.

    Mary, there are so many ways in which we can lose our dignity, but even worse is when another individual, institution attempts to steal it away. And yes, we may not always notice in the moment. Thanks so much for your thoughts,



  2. Renee Espriu says:

    I hear you on this one.I’ve yet to look in the mirror this morning. All together scary.

    Thanks Renee, I skip that same thing a great deal, lol.



  3. Elizabeth, this is very sad, but at the same time quite honest. Dignity is something we must always maintain, in my opinion. Well done.


    Pamela, I watched my mother through her final years, she had a great deal of strength and was a terrific role model when it came to dignity.



  4. brenda w says:

    Elizabeth, I love this piece of writing as it provokes a great deal of thought for me. On the one hand I think of self-forgiveness as steps to healing and facing the morning mirror, and you mention the urgent need to build… Impulsivity is my friend. Sometimes impulsivity brings shame. Slowing down and considering is a practice for me. It does not come easily. Thank you for encouraging self reflection with your contribution this week. Morning Mirror a beautiful piece of writing.

    Thank you very much Brenda. You call it impulse, I call it creative energy. And it is my friend, bringing me both a sense of value, as well as dignity. I did write another piece before this one. I thought it was far too negative, and this one was actually closer to what I really wanted to say. I also like the idea of being thought-provoking, lol.



  5. “……..attempt to stave off what now has become inevitable….”wonderful writing, Elizabeth. My computer has been down all day, argh, and I am SO behind!

    Thanks Sherry, I was strongly moved by your tribute today. I’m glad so many remember and can only hope that continues.

    PS sorry to hear about the computer. I’m sharing mine this weekend and it gets a bit difficult.


  6. Susannah says:

    I enjoyed this Elizabeth and particularly identified with the first stanza, I am familiar with that lightning bolt! 🙂 I really like what you did with this weeks wordle words.

    Thank you Susannah, this morning’s jolt was a bit much, lol.



  7. anl4 says:

    This is so powerful! I really loved your use of the words. Well dressed in a New York suit! You are at your best!

    Thanks for the powerful, Annell. I’ll put it in the kudo box,



  8. Mike Patrick says:

    About the strongest jolt I get anymore is from that first cup of coffee. As for the mirror–avoided as much as possible.

    Mike, is that why the jolt is the coffee?



  9. Cathy says:

    Excellent poem, that first stanza speaks to me.

    I’m glad that it does, Cathy, thank you,



  10. Mr. Walker says:

    Elizabeth, is it the forgotten dignity that slips away – or is it the time to create – or both? Those “pennies once / saved” remind me of bits of poems in old notebooks, kept out of some frugal need, yet they don’t amount to anything.



  11. vivinfrance says:

    Elizabeth, one of your best, beautifully written as usual. Personally, dignity is something I gave up on quite a while ago – I think the modern expression is “reality check”!


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