For Sunday Whirl: Wordle #14


Gilded marvel of memory
rendered reprehensible.
Scattered in one moment,
blink of an eye scanning
twisted clouds of curtains
as they whir length of rod
to expose bayed window,
where sunlight casts
first clear view on a life
lived only in shadow.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/24/11

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8 Responses to Revelation

  1. Great response to the wordle, Elizabeth. “marvel of memory rendered reprehensible” – whew, you really put those words together well!

    Thanks Sherry, and again those words seemed to pick themselves up out of the crowd and gather in a group that didn’t want to disperse. I thought it was a bit heavy, but then really looked at it and knew where it wanted to go, so followed. Good feeling,



  2. Mary says:

    This is a mystery to me, Elizabeth.

    I hate to admit
    I don’t get it.Sigh.

    Please don’t feel bad, Mary. I have days when I simply stay away from reading other people’s stuff because my head feels thick, or I’m just not getting it. When these words started coming together, I was thinking of how, in some moments, after years of seeing things in a certain light, all the lightbulbs come on, the curtains get opened, and everything looks different, new, but not always nice. And certainly not the way we would like them to be. Hope that helps,



  3. Have we not all been there before, Elizabeth? Sometimes we live in others shadows. I love the depth of this piece.

    btw your poem is not posted over at the wordle site.

    Pamela, I’m thinking it got sent to the spam folder. I did post it there, and when I looked it still says it’s awaiting moderation. Oh well. And yes, I think we all have those sudden moments of clarity when we are forced to step out of the shadow of the past. Thanks for visiting and for your concern,



  4. Susannah says:

    Nicely done Elizabeth, I loved the imagery of –
    “twisted clouds of curtains”

    and the ending. . .
    “first clear view on a life
    lived only in shadow.”

    was remarkably satisfying!

    I am back with the wordle this week after missing last weeks. I found these words difficult but managed to use them all in the end. 🙂

    Susannah, I wrote the list down and then tossed it aside because I didn’t want to play with the word reprehensible, lol. Got up in the morning, looked at the list and immediately had that first line. Perhaps my subconscious struggled all night with it? Whatever, it came together and made sense to me. I don’t seem to be struggling with the wordles as much as I did at first. Maybe practice actually helps? Or, I’ve grown some patience in my old age. Thanks for stopping by,



  5. Mr. Walker says:

    Elizabeth, a sad poem. I like the contrast between the bayed window, which I think of as extending out, with “a life / lived only in shadow.” It should be opening, leading to more sunlight, more of a view, more viewing, so the shadow life seems particularly sad to me. I hope the “revelation” of the title leads to action, a life lived in the light.


    Thank you Richard, but I don’t see it as sad. Revelation is not a sad thing. It is healing, and like healing, it often begins with a bit more pain. We would not recognize light unless we have been living in shadow. Living in shadow simply means that first bit of light strikes with the sharpness of contrast. It would only be sad if one turns away from the light and moves more deeply into shadow to avoid what has come to clarity. And you caught my intention with the bayed window, that movement outward, out from the shadows. That is always a choice offerred again and again. We need but accept it, and that acceptance banishes all sadness.



  6. Ella says:

    I get it; I get the reflection of the past and the shadows that enter one’s view. I get the connection of Sherry’s window cleaning today and my home with your words~ How as time marches our reflection changes, even the shadows can’t hurt the clear view of today~ Yes, it is sad, but it is full of hope~ The view has changed; light has entered! xXx

    Thanks Ella and yes, you got it.



  7. Traci B says:

    A sad but wonderful poem. The ending brings us back to the title. Well written.

    It’s interesting that several of us came to the theme of perspective through the wordle this week. An introspective lot, aren’t we? 😉

    Traci, I would hope that most poets are somewhat introspective, or we might all be simply repeating the same thing. I love how the wordles allow us to find our own individual perspective and together that creates a more complete mosaic with deeper truth at its center. Thanks for stopping and reading,



  8. Irene says:

    The last few lines about light and shadow got me, Elizabeth.

    Good Irene, that means I managed to make my point, lol. Thanks for taking part in this “beautifully pointless” venture,



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